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The Lacy Clay standard: it’s not offensive if I don’t think so

Two recent stories show us a curious opinion that conservatives could never get away with.

First, from Philadelphia, public school teachers gathered during the week of Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration to promote, in protest fashion, the Black Lives Matter movement. They insisted it wasn’t political, but admitted their intention was to help students process current events. Hmm, so it sounds and looks political, but we are assured it isn’t.

Second, Rep. Lacy Clay (D-MO) has made a bit of a ruckus in the United States Congress involving a painting hanging in the U.S. Capitol building. The painting in question portrays police as pigs abusing blacks, it was sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus via an art contest. A Republican congressman (not to mention many other Americans) found the painting offensive and he removed it. Rep. Clay is pushing back. Whether the painting is appropriate for display in the Capitol building is one question, but whether it is offensive is quite a different matter. Despite the incendiary nature of the painting, the admission of offense by a member of Congress, and that of many American citizens, for some reason Rep. Clay insists it is not offensive.

So we have two cases where the leftwing view of a matter is supposed to be treated as the dominant view. One claiming what appears to be a political act is not political, and one where a clearly offensive painting is to be treated as not offensive.

Contrast this with the display of the American flag. There have been numerous instances in secondary and higher education where someone displayed the Star-Spangled Banner and was asked to remove it merely for the possibility that someone MIGHT find it offensive. The same has happened with firearm imagery as well as Christian imagery. In these cases actual offense is not the standard, the mere possibility of offense is the standard.

Evidently there are two very different standards in place which guide public policy, one with a high threshold and the other is extremely low. When the political left may find offense it seems the appropriate legal action is to remove the offensive/potentially offensive material. But when the political right may find offense their opinion is simply disregarded.

Another case involves a public school teacher protesting against fascism in America. And how does she engage in this battle? By being a fascist. But, since she is a leftist, she gets to decide what does or does not qualify as fascism. Of course her hate speech and violence don’t qualify.

We could call this hypocrisy any number of things. I propose we call it the Lacy Clay standard – my view is the only view that counts, disregard any differing view. Having this legal precedent  (in the case of Rep. Clay, clear offense has been noted, but disregarded) from a high profile source such as the U.S. Congress Americans can use another tool to push back against the politically correct corruption of our society.

But Trump lies! some say. Well, apparently presidential dishonesty matters only sometimes.

Conservatives are not the only ones concerned about the insanity that made a Donald Trump presidency possible. Political correctness is a cancer on society. Trump exploited decades of growing frustration caused by this cancer. Whether it’s a Trump administration or the American people who push back, I don’t really care at this point. If political correctness keeps gaining ground over the next four years it is very likely Trump with get a second term as president. Despite all the hate and angry accusations spewing from the ultra left, frustration with political correctness is and will remain fuel for Trump’s fire. You don’t have to let the blind accusation of hate (thrown at you by people who have no real argument) keep you from speaking out. Let Lacy Clay’s example help you.

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Uh, oh. U.S. Lawmakers Expand Probe Of Hiatus-Denying NOAA Study

Watts Up With That?

Back in the summer of 2015, I sent Dr. Tom Peterson of NOAA/NCEI a private email saying that I’d lost my trust in him as an unbiased scientist and that this Karl et al. “pause buster” paper (of which Peterson did most of the work since Karl is just an administrator) would be his “Waterloo”.

It seems that with the publication of a paper saying Karl et al. is wrong by some big names in climate science last week (including Mann of all people) and now this, my prediction is coming closer to reality.

Did White House Collude With NOAA Over Temperature Adjustments?


Republicans in the US House of Representatives are expanding their request for documents related to a major climate study by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). In a 22 February letter to NOAA, Congressman Lamar Smith, the Texas Republican who leads the House science committee…

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Now there Are Three: Another Honest Liberal Pours Cold Water on Gun Control

Source: Now there Are Three: Another Honest Liberal Pours Cold Water on Gun Control

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Help the Poor by Focusing on Growth rather than Inequality

International Liberty

The political left obviously hopes that it can score political points by pitching some Americans against others with a campaign based on income inequality and class warfare taxation.

Is there any merit to this approach? Are the less fortunate suffering because some are succeeding? And would more government alleviate this problem, to the extent it actually exists?

George Will has a must-read column in the Washington Post on the topic of inequality, including a very relevant observation that the rich on Wall Street are the ones who benefit from the easy-money policy embraced by the Washington establishment.

In this sixth year of near-zero interest rates, the government’s monetary policy breeds inequality. Low rates are intended to drive liquidity into the stock market in search of higher yields. The resulting boom in equity markets — up 30 percent last year alone — has primarily benefited the 10 percent who own 80…

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Hey, Democrats: Check Your Privilege!

Black and Red

Any upwardly mobile black American can tell you that to succeed, we must be twice as good as our competitors. That’s because historically, the very institutions that worked as gatekeepers to certain avenues of success worked especially hard at discriminating against us. Successful blacks recognize discrimination, swim upstream against it, and achieve in spite of it. Unsuccessful blacks too often use injustice as an excuse for underperformance and bad choices. While both groups may openly castigate this discrimination, one group acts, while the other simply complains. What does this have to do with the CNBC Republican Debate, you might ask.


By every measure, the CNBC hosts conducted an awful debate: John Harwood snidely asked Donald Trump if he was running “a comic book version of a presidential campaign.” He also sarcastically asked Carly Fiorina, who, like the rest of her Republican competitors, wants to greatly simplify the…

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Back To The Dark Ages: Top French Weatherman Fired Over Climate Change Book

Watts Up With That?

From: France 24, 1 November 2015 (h/t to The GWPF)
A popular weatherman announced Saturday evening he has been sacked by leading French news channel France Télévisions for publishing a book which accused top climate change experts of misleading the world about the threat of global warming.

Philippe Verdier, a household name in France for his daily weather reports on the France 2 channel, announced in an online video that he had received a letter of dismissal.

“My book ‘Climate Investigation’ was published one month ago. It got me banned from the air waves,” said the weatherman, who was put “on leave” from the TV station on October 12.

“I received this letter this morning and decided to open it in front of you because it concerns everybody- in the name of freedom of expression and freedom of information.”

His announcement comes four days after France Télévisions chief Delphine…

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Ooops! New NASA study: Antarctica isn’t losing ice mass after all !

Watts Up With That?

From the “settled science” department and former chief alarmist Jay Zwally, who for years had said the Arctic was in big trouble (only to have his prediction falsified), comes this Emily Litella moment in climate science: “Never mind!”. Curiously, WUWT reported back in 2012 about an ICEsat study by Zwally that said: ICESAT Data Shows Mass Gains of the Antarctic Ice Sheet Exceed Losses. I surmise that with the publication of this second study, the original is now confirmed. I suppose John Cook will have to revise his “Denial 101” video on Antarctica now.

antarctica-ice-map This map shows the rates of mass changes from ICESat 2003-2008 over Antarctica. Sums are for all of Antarctica: East Antarctica (EA, 2-17); interior West Antarctica (WA2, 1, 18, 19, and 23); coastal West Antarctica (WA1, 20-21); and the Antarctic Peninsula (24-27). A gigaton (Gt) corresponds to a billion metric tons, or 1.1 billion…

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Missing component found in the evaporation process, making water vapor’s role even more uncertain in climate models

Watts Up With That?


Evaporation for review — and with it global warming

Recoil of evaporating molecules changes the pressure at the surface of the liquid. CREDIT: IPC PAS, Grzegorz Krzyzewski Recoil of evaporating molecules changes the pressure at the surface of the liquid. CREDIT: IPC PAS, Grzegorz Krzyzewski

The process of evaporation, one of the most widespread on our planet, takes place differently than we once thought – this has been shown by new computer simulations carried out at the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw. The discovery has far-reaching consequences for, among others, current global climate models, where a key role is played by evaporation of the oceans.

They all evaporate: oceans and seas, microdroplets of fuel in engines and the sweat on our own skin. For every one of us evaporation is of paramount importance: it shapes the climate of the planet, it affects the cost of car travel, and is one…

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Congressman Bera and Planned Parenthood Unwittingly Endorse End to Taxpayer Handouts

Source: Congressman Bera and Planned Parenthood Unwittingly Endorse End to Taxpayer Handouts

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Arctic Has Gained Hundreds Of Miles Of Ice The Last Three Years

Real Science

ScreenHunter_2977 Sep. 09 07.43

Red shows the September 2012 minimum extent. Green shows the current extent, which is likely the minimum for 2015. The Arctic has gained hundreds of miles of ice over the past three years, much of which is thick, multi-year ice.

Nobel Prize winning climate experts and journalists tell us that the Arctic is ice-free, because they are propagandists pushing an agenda, not actual scientists or journalists.

ScreenHunter_9954 Jul. 20 08.27

The End of the Arctic? Ocean Could be Ice Free by 2015 – The Daily Beast


Gore: Polar ice cap may disappear by summer 2014

ScreenHunter_4681 Nov. 16 22.25

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Arctic summers ice-free ‘by 2013′

ScreenHunter_377 May. 12 13.16

The Argus-Press – Google News Archive Search

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