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For kids: sex-change yes, smoking no

original article: After letting kids get sex-change surgery at 15, Oregon Democrats try raising smoking age to 21
March 28, 2017 by PHILIP WEGMANN

Growing up can be confusing, especially if you’re a kid in Oregon. You can’t drive a car until 16. You can’t leave home until 18. And if a new bill passes the state legislature, you can’t pick up a pack of cigarettes until 21.

But Oregon offers one state perk long before any of those other milestones. With or without parental permission, the state subsidizes gender reassignment surgery starting at age 15. To reiterate, kids can change their sex with help from the taxpayer, but soon many adults won’t be able to buy smokes.

The pending legislation perfectly demonstrates the skewed double standard of the Left. There’s a sliding scale of responsibility in Oregon and it’s calibrated specifically to liberal pieties.

Ostensibly to keep the state healthy, the smoking bill rests on the premise that young adults are too foolish to make good decisions about their bodies. “One of the best things we can do in Oregon to prevent disease,” said Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Steiner Hayward, “is to stop people from using tobacco.” Or put another way, limiting choice is necessary to eliminate the danger.

But while Oregon lawmakers won’t let adults light up, they’ll pay for kids to change gender. Suddenly public health interests go out the window in Salem. The state’s Medicaid program bows blindly in front of the personal autonomy of high school freshman still too young to drive.

Never mind the risks of going under the knife and the fact that there’s no real chance to go back once the change is complete. Disregard the parental concerns of the families who will care for these children. And completely ignore evidence, like this UCLA study, showing that transgender kids are at a higher risk for suicide after surgery.

No matter the risks and regardless of parental rights, Oregon lets impressionable children identify however they choose. They won’t let voting-age adults identify as the Marlboro man. The nanny state has officially run amok.

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NYC = Nanny State? Health Dept. considering smoking ban in parks
September 14, 2009 by Adam Lisberg

No puffing in the the parks? No lighting up on the lawn? No butts on the beach?

“We don’t think it’s too far to say that people shouldn’t be smoking in parks,” Health Commissioner Tom Farley said Monday.

Mayor Bloomberg unveiled the plan in the morning but later backed away in the face of criticism.

He said Monday night, “It may not be logistically possible to enforce a ban across thousands of acres, but there may be areas within parks where restricting smoking can protect health.”

But smokers in city parks fumed at the idea.

“It’s really ridiculous,” said retired bar owner Ronald Carey, 63, who was smoking on a bench in Cadman Plaza Park in downtown Brooklyn.

“I’m not going to support smoking, but things have gotten out of hand,” Carey said. “What’s next?”

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Marijuana May Disrupt Brain Development

Marijuana May Disrupt Brain Development
February 3, 2009 by Live Science

The term pot-head takes on new meaning with a study that suggests adolescents and young adults who smoked a lot of marijuana are more likely than non-users to have disrupted brain development.

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Obama signs tobacco regulation bill into law
June 22, 2009 by Barbara Barrett, McClatchy Newspapers

President Barack Obama , who still struggles with his own addiction to cigarettes, on Monday signed into law the most sweeping federal anti-tobacco legislation to pass Congress in decades.

The law gives the Food and Drug Administration broad authority to regulate the marketing and manufacture of tobacco products. It bans fruit- and spice-flavored cigarettes, slaps expansive new warnings on packages and gets rid of the monikers “light” and “low-tar.”

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Congress sends Obama bill to regulate tobacco
June 12, 2009 by Jim Abrams

When George W. Bush is no longer president, a government power grab is no longer condemned.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Congress sent legislation to the White House Friday granting the federal government unprecedented authority to regulate and restrict cigarettes, the single largest cause of preventable death.

President Barack Obama quickly expressed his support, appearing in the Rose Garden almost immediately after the House gave final approval to the bill giving the Food and Drug Administration control over tobacco production, marketing and sales.

Smoker in Chief Praises Government’s Big Tobacco Grab
June 12, 2009 by Gateway Pundit

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Senators who opposed tobacco bill received top dollar from industry
June 11, 2009 by Halimah Abdullah

News media selective outrage: influence peddling matters only when Republicans are doing it.

WASHINGTON — Among the 17 senators who voted against allowing the Food and Drug Administration to regulate tobacco are some of the top recipients of campaign contributions from the tobacco industry, which has donated millions of dollars to lawmakers in the past several campaign cycles.

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