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Author Daniel Bergner Explores Erotic Longings
February 17, 2009, by All Things Considered

NPR presents the “exploration” of sexual deviance as open minded and sophisticated. Daniel Bergner suggests moral codes on sexuality are something akin to prudishness or repression. In the liberal mind, sexuality without limitation is the goal, or we could just call it moral anarchy. Bergner at least has the social awareness to admit on NPR that some sex acts are bad and should be criminalized, for now.

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The Hillary Chronicles: Worse Than You Thought
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June 12, 2007, by Byron York

Hillary Clinton wasn’t looking forward to the publication of two new biographies, Her Way: The Hopes and Ambitions of Hillary Rodham Clinton, by former and present New York Timesmen Jeff Gerth and Don Van Natta Jr., and A Woman in Charge, by Carl Bernstein, the lesser half of the Watergate team of Woodward and Bernstein. Senator Clinton is, of course, famously secretive — she probably wouldn’t be happy with any biography unless it were written by, say, Sidney Blumenthal — and she refused to cooperate with either Gerth/Van Natta or Bernstein. Even before publication, her spokesmen had their putdown lines ready. “Is it possible to be quoted yawning?” Clinton spokesman Philippe Reines said to the Washington Post.