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CNBC Special Promotes Porn
July 13, 2009 by Sarah Knoploh

Looking for wholesome family television oh, say, about 9 pm on July 15? Then make sure not to tune into CNBC. The network will air “Porn: Business of Pleasure,” hosted by Melissa Lee. The special, as touted by the network, will give viewers a look at the pornography industry. But if the marketing is a reliable indication, “Porn: Business of Pleasure” is nothing more than an attempt to normalize, and even promote, the porn industry.

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Georgia Peanut Farmer Accepts Marxist’s Invitation to Harvest Coca Leaves

Georgia Peanut Farmer Accepts Marxist’s Invitation to Harvest Coca Leaves
May 03, 2009 by Gateway Pundit

Georgia peanut farmer Jimmy Carter is investigating a new cash crop.
The former democratic president and peanut farmer has reportedly accepted an invitation from Marxist Bolivian leader Evo Morales to harvest coca leaves on the communist’s plantation.

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Drug Abusers Can’t Learn From Experience
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August 25, 2003, by Daniel DeNoon

People who keep taking drugs never seem to learn from their experience.

Now there’s an explanation. It offers insight into the bizarre behavior of drug addicts. But it also raises troubling questions about the long-term use of stimulants used to treat kids with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, ADHD.

“We gave these drugs to the animals and put them in environments that should make big changes in their brains. But that didn’t happen. It was quite surprising,” Kolb tells WebMD. “It does lead to the idea that some of the stupid things addicts do — self-hurting behavior, risky acts — could be related to the fact that they are not learning the consequences of their behavior the way you and I should.”

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Stories: Sexual Addiction Nate Larkin

Stories: Sexual Addiction Nate Larkin
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Thanks to Recover Cast for sharing this video. Nate Larkin makes an amazing presentation on sexual addiction recovery.

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New book, Creative Recovery,’ tells how creativity can help overcome addiction
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February 16, 2009, by Laura Axelrod

Ever since Noah drank too much wine after sailing in his handmade ark, creators have fallen under the spell of substances. Ernest Hemingway’s battle with the bottle is legendary. Comedian Lenny Bruce died of acute morphine poisoning. Countless others have sought treatment for overeating, overspending and overworking.

Some speculate that creativity fuels addiction, but psychologists Eric Maisel and Susan Raeburn believe it can be used for recovery. In “Creative Recovery: A Complete Addiction Treatment Program That Uses Your Natural Creativity,” the authors describe techniques that can assist creative people in pursuit of abstinence.

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Pornography Pretensions
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July 09, 2008, by Alan Sears

It was experience, not cynicism, that coined the old saw that “whenever someone tells you, ‘It’s not the money, it’s the principle of the thing’…it’s the money.”

The same thing, of course, is often true about pornography. The more someone goes on and on about how constitutionally important it is to post crime scene photos of naked children on the Internet, or publish dehumanizing photos of women’s breasts and genitalia in “adult” magazines, or otherwise violate the dignity of the human person…the more you begin to suspect that that someone cares less about protecting free speech than protecting his own proclivity for pornography.

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Hard-Core Pornography Isn’t “Free Speech”
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January 21, 2008, by Matt Barber

In recent years, the U.S. Department of Justice has paid only lip service to the enforcement of federal obscenity laws. In some instances, DOJ has gone after child pornographers and — in a scant few cases — has prosecuted purveyors of the most obscene and graphic adult pornography. But unfortunately, the government has been largely AWOL when it comes to enforcing an entire section of U.S. law, 18 U.S.C. §§ 1460-1470, which criminalizes much of the adult hard-core pornography that has saturated both the Internet and our communities.

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Recover Cast
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Life is about more than our mistakes. Addiction recovery

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Freedom In Grace Ministry
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Gene Fondren knows the chaos that sexual addiction brings. His personal struggle with sexual addiction led to devastating consequences. But through grace, God brought good men into his life who taught him how to live in purity. As a result, Gene founded Freedom in Grace Ministry to help other men break free from sexual addiction.


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