Uncommon Sense

politics and society are, unfortunately, much the same thing


Wear and share uncommon sense in a world gone left. Challenge assumptions with these conversation pieces designed to get people thinking.

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Separation Between School and State

Race Card deck

Race Card deck

Race baiters, civil rights charlatans, racial opportunists, and progressives in general needlessly interject race into debate. It’s time to call them on it. Get your Race Card deck today. 54 copies of the Race Card. You’ll have no problem finding opportunities to give Race Cards to those who deserve them. A quick way to make the point that race really should be a non-issue.

click here to get your Race Card deck today

2 Responses

  1. I added a link for your site on my site. i was hoping you would do the same for me. Lets get the word out.
    Great blog by the way.
    Hank Edwards

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