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One college defends free speech despite its hateful intent

Among the many examples of hate speech punished on college campuses there are still two topics on which free speech trumps all. These are anti-Americanism and Antisemitism.

Numerous instances have been reported about differences of opinion and policy about academic freedom. Oberlin College shows us another example of a higher ed. administration defending free speech when it is anti-American or anti-Israeli in nature, even if it’s racism. In any other situation, speech like this would simply be deemed hate speech and prosecuted.

The head of a prestigious Ohio school appeared to have defended a professor whose Facebook posts blaming Israel and Jews for everything from 9/11 to the creation of ISIS created an uproar earlier this week.

Oberlin College President Marvin Krislov said in a letter to the college community Wednesday that professor Joy Karega’s posts on social media affected him on a personal level and also challenged his professional beliefs, according to The Chronicle-Telegram.

To be honest, the way Oberlin is treating this instructor’s comments is how speech ought to be treated across the spectrum, on every campus in the US. Approved speech is the opposite of free speech; setting rules on what is approved or where it is approved naturally invites further restriction. That is not how free speech works. If Oberlin will defend all speech like this, kudos to them. But will they?

read full article:
Oberlin College president appears to defend controversial professor in letter
March 3, 2016 by FoxNews

Rutgers University can also be found defending free speech recently.

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