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Fiorina Destroys CNN’s Cuomo for Pushing Planned Parenthood Propaganda

original article: Fiorina Destroys CNN’s Cuomo for Pushing Planned Parenthood Propaganda
December 11, 2015 by Kyle Drennen

In a hostile interview with Carly Fiorina on CNN’s New Day on Friday, anchor Chris Cuomo accused the Republican presidential candidate of inciting violence with her criticism of abortion provider Planned Parenthood: “Do you feel any sense of regret about how you characterized what was going on at Planned Parenthood after the attack in Colorado? Because of what the man said, which seems as though he was influenced by some of the rhetoric that was coming out of you and others that painted a very ugly picture, an unfair one, about Planned Parenthood?”

Fiorina eviscerated Cuomo for his nasty slander: “Oh, please, really, Chris? Look, nine videotapes have come out about Planned Parenthood. It is very clear what they have been doing….this is a typical left-wing tactic, to try and shut down the truth by silencing people. This has happened over and over and over again.”

Cuomo contemptuously replied: “The question doesn’t go away. The videos were edited, you know that. The scenes that were depicted – ” Fiorina cut him off with some facts: “Actually, I don’t know that. There has been forensic evidence of those nine videotapes over and over again. There have been reports that say they are not edited.”

He insisted: “Of course they were edited. Of course the videos were edited.” Fiorina remarked: “It’s amazing to me that we’re still having this conversation.” Cuomo argued: “No, no, no. Let’s be careful about what we’re saying. Of course they were edited.”

Cuomo was clearly relying on Planned Parenthood claims that the videos were deceptively edited in some way. However, as The Federalist pointed out, an objective analysis found the tapes to be “authentic and show no evidence of manipulation.”

Cuomo continued to rant: “There were scenes and pictures depicting horrible things that nobody should want to see that weren’t authentic and weren’t germane to the conversation within the video. We had the guy on here, he couldn’t justify it. Now you had somebody who went out and killed in the name of that.”

Fiorina again blasted his assertion that conservative criticism of Planned Parenthood caused the Colorado shooting: “Really? Okay, I don’t recall, Chris – careful, you’re a journalist. I don’t recall anybody in the pro-life community celebrating this tragedy. I don’t recall any of that happening.”

Pointing to the abortion provider’s own change in policy in the wake of the controversy, Fiorina explained: “Planned Parenthood several weeks ago made a quiet little announcement that they would no longer accept compensation for the sale of what they call fetal tissue. That’s about as close to an admission as you can get. In fact, it is an admission….I don’t understand why Planned Parenthood would make an announcement that they’re no longer accepting compensation.”

Cuomo ran to their defense: “To clarify a policy that was used to villainize them when they felt that there was no need to do that. That’s what the head of the organization says.”

That parroting of Planned Parenthood talking points led Fiorina to observe: “It’s clear what your opinion is, Chris. It’s clear what your opinion is.” Cuome snidely asked: “What’s my opinion, Ms. Fiorina? What do you think it is?” Fiorina declared: “Well, I think you’ve bought the Planned Parenthood line, hook, line and sinker. So, good to know that.”

See the video and full transcript.

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  1. There is something I would like to ask Como; What is it that makes you see wrong as being okay and right not, call good evil and evil good, explain that to me, what is it? Fiorina is telling it like it is and there is forensic proof that the videos had not been tampered with. Take your blinders off Como. Your approval of Planned Parenthood is quit evident by your defending them.

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