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Trigger warnings for everything except abortions?

In a culture where “trigger warnings” are becoming increasingly common, and considered justified and necessary, and ever more different aspects of life being subject to such warnings, one should question a few things. For example, why is the word “American” considered a negative term to be avoided so as to not cause offense on a college campus, a place once considered the most free-speech friendly area in America? At the same time there is also a strong resistance to abortion’s equivalent of PTSD.

Study after study shows a post traumatic stress disorder can and often does happen to women after having an abortion. If anything in civilian life is deserving of the widespread attention and sympathy of PTSD shouldn’t women who’ve had an abortion qualify?

But that is not what the purveyors of trigger warnings typically do. The advocates and administrators of trigger warning policies are usually opposed to acknowledging abortion is worthy of such consideration. The push for trigger warnings and the push against “micro-aggressions” is so strong the first amendment is routinely dismissed (and possibly considered pointless) in favor of the politically correct agenda. Yet while we are told abortion is a serious and deeply personal decision for women, we are supposed to dismiss stories of regret or even go to great lengths to distort reason in the defense of abortion.

From a news media conspicuously sympathetic to abortion to partisan politicians struggling to defend it, to propagandists being blatantly dishonest, it’s almost a miracle the issue is controversial at all.

If we truly care about women’s health we should be working to educate people on the unfavorable truths about abortion rather than hide or avoid them. We should be sympathetic to women who’ve had abortions rather than praise abortion in an attempt to remove any social stigma from the act of killing babies. We should be helping women make better choices in the first place rather than trying to retrain them to think like men, pursuing empty sex lives and discarding any consequences that may result from bad decisions.

But, no. Instead, we’re hearing calls for abortion on demand, at any time during pregnancy, and have this service provided for “free”. So not only is killing babies a right but a woman should be able to force everyone else to pay for it. What could possibly go wrong with this approach?

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