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Liberals love black conservatives – an opportunity to be racist with no backlash

Make no mistake, black conservatives are anathema to progressives. Progressives need people to be dependent on government. That’s how the power base works. That’s how the power base has always worked for Democrats.

But instead of overt slavery Democrats now rely on dependency, handouts, and scraps. Dependent groups are treated as demographics, as cattle, instead of people. To maintain this voter stock the dependent groups have to be programmed to believe they can’t accomplish anything because the system is rigged against them (while those in control of the message seem to actually think the dependent groups are simply inferior beings incapable of succeeding at anything). Successful black conservatives threaten this narrative.

Dr. Ben Carson is a classic rags to riches story in both the traditional sense and the modern sense. In the classic sense Dr. Carson’s life demonstrates how one’s one attitude toward life (its adversities as well as it opportunities) has a HUGE impact on what one can accomplish. Dr. Carson shows us a person can accomplish great things because of the liberty afforded by the grand American experiment – an experiment designed specifically to protect individual freedom from government interference. But because of that liberating example his story is also classic in the modern sense: he is the purest enemy of modern progressives.

Dr. Carson’s shining success shows us all that black people are just as capable as anyone else at accomplishing anything, and that fact alone threatens the entire power structure of the Democrat party. To show that hard work and integrity actually do pay off is possibly the greatest threat to liberal power than any other factor. Oh my, what if other black people realize they don’t have to be trapped in poverty and dependent on the government’s crumbs?

Enter: the trophy black friend

It’s difficult for liberals to attack black conservatives because of their success, as this makes liberals look like they oppose black people being free (which they do, and always have). So they have to attack black conservatives from a different angle. Liberals love black conservatives because they present an opportunity for liberals to be as racist as they really are but with no backlash. We can find everything from white liberals trying to tell black conservatives how black people are supposed to behave to black liberals using racial epithets.

Case in point, University of Pennsylvania’s professor Anthea Butler recently referred to Dr. Carson as a ‘coon’. It’s highly unlikely any white liberal could get away with that (well, maybe a white liberal could after all) but anyone can question Carson’s black “authenticity” because he strayed from the vote plantation. The vast majority of blacks loyally vote Democrat (even if they can’t be trusted with their own freedom) despite being exploited and taken for granted by Democrats for over half a century. Republicans may be working to change this after half a century of thinking there was no point in reaching out to black voters. All in all, it’s not Republicans who think less of black people and it’s not Republicans who keep black people in economic shackles, and it wasn’t Republicans who instituted or defended slavery in the first place. But somehow Republicans have inherited the blame for slavery and for the Democrat institution of Jim Crow, despite always arguing for liberals to stop taking liberty with other people’s freedom. That shift in blame allows liberals to, with impunity, continue treating black people as an inferior race because they really don’t want to see Dr. King’s dream realized.

Thankfully there are an increasing number of black people willing to actually think for themselves and question the liberal narrative.

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  1. Let’s give the liberals some backlash, they are worst of the worst when it comes racism under the guise of caring, Planed Parenthood is a prime example, Margret Sanger and Mary Elizabeth Williams hate black people and think nothing of aborting precious little people. All life matters and if it doesn’t then no one is safe with that kind evil thinking.

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