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School kids brainwashed into supporting jihadists

original article: British teacher brainwashes primary school children into writing letters of support to Syrian jihadis calling them ‘diamonds’

A teacher working in a British classroom had pupils send handwritten letters to ‘hero’ Syrian terrorists.

The decorative notes – which include drawings and finger-paintings – were addressed to Al Qaeda affiliated Jabhat al-Nusra fighters.

The children described their planned recipients as ‘diamonds’, ‘role models’ and ‘brothers’.

It is not known at which school they were written, but are thought to have been penned under the persuasion of the unidentified class teacher.


The pupils were forced to write in both English and Arabic, opening each of their notes: ‘To our brothers in…’

Images of the letters were shared on Twitter by a woman using the handle @irhabiyya_18, which translates to ‘terrorist_18’.

Keeping her identity hidden by choosing not to display her own photograph in her profile picture, the unknown woman uses her social media account to promote the jihad.


She has previously shared extremist views using the account, and boasted to her 500 followers about the content of the letters.

When posting them online, she wrote: ‘lil kids put their heads together to “post” letters to the muhajideen :)’

She followed that up by tweeting: ‘Please encourage these lil enthusiastic daughters of this ummah…they eagerly awaiting a response…’ before adding how particularly fond she was of one of the notes.


That letter has a green hilly scene drawn in crayon with a black ISIS flag flying high above them.

It reads: ‘I am so happy to write to my brothers of the mujahideen in Syria. I think of you all like heroes.’

It then goes on to praise ‘brave’ jihadis and question western rituals.

The letters were discovered online by American think tank The Middle East Media Research Institute.

Haras Rafiq, head of the counter-extremism Quilliam Foundation, said: ‘She is clearly brainwashing youngsters. These kids are vulnerable.’

The teacher’s Twitter page also features sickening images of beheading victims.

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