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An open letter to contributors to Planned Parenthood

To the companies who donate to Planned Parenthood,

You probably think you’re doing a good thing. After all, there are plenty of services Planned Parenthood provides to the public other than abortion. Even if PP is now obsolete, it’s in the realm of possibility that you sincerely believe you are doing good, “giving back” as we might say.

You may genuinely think you’re supporting a woman’s right to choose (to kill the child in her womb), though that same woman’s right to choose other things is curtailed in other facets of her life. You may genuinely believe you are supporting a woman’s right to control her own body, as if she has an absolute right to do that. But no one has that right. There are plenty of laws restricting our right to control our own bodies regarding the use of automobiles, tobacco, alcohol, medical procedures, and many other things. No one has an absolute right to control his/her own body. But you seem okay with a woman’s right to kill her baby.

Now you have something else to be proud of: supporting the selling of body parts of aborted babies. You may think you’re being responsible and thoughtful in supporting PP’s efforts to sell baby body parts because it’s “for science” or because it’s supposedly “not for profit”. Eww, profit. That would be the last straw wouldn’t it? Or is a Lamborghini okay as far as compensation for trafficking in body parts?

There are plenty of horrible things happening in the world, that’s nothing new. I can’t do anything about most of them. There are lots of battles I think need to be fought and I have to pick which ones I can actually affect. This is one of them.

Some of you offer products or services I currently use. But you have competitors who offer such products and services as well. So there is something I can do.

From this point forward I will divest myself of your company. It’s going to be easy in some cases, difficult and painful in others. But I will do it none-the-less. You do not have a monopoly on what you offer. So I have a choice in whose products or services I will use. Planned Parenthood is involved in some evil things and I choose not to pay for products or services of companies who support them. That’s the way we do things in America, isn’t it?

You can ignore the despicable and extreme things PP is involved with. That’s your choice. You can pretend PP does only good things. That’s also your choice. And you have the choice of what philosophies or what manner of “public good” you will support. Where I spend or don’t spend my money is my choice. I am exercising my right to choose.


A concerned American

P.S. If you would be willing to admit your past financial contributions to Planned Parenthood and vow to cease all such contributions effective immediately I would be willing to reconsider boycotting your company. Though I’ve seen plenty of lies produced by Planned Parenthood I doubt they erroneously listed all of you on their website as contributors.

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