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Mandatory voting shows Progressivism is about control, not freedom

So President Obama publicly supports compulsory voting. That’s a curious approach to the right to vote. The freedom of religion is often touted as a freedom from religion, if that’s how one chooses to see it. And so it is. But now President Obama and others seem to think they know better than you do of the value of voting. Now, the president was not promoting a new policy initiative, yet. He was merely floating the idea, planting a seed to be harvested later after cultivation. That’s how these things work in politics.

Of course, the president doesn’t mention the fact that his experts and political professionals in general believe compulsory voting would prove beneficial primarily for Democrat candidates. That would make the idea of compulsory voting look less than altruistic and more like politicking. No, he only mentioned how compulsory voting would change the way money affects politics (only in the context of elections, with no mention of the 4+ trillion dollars the federal government controls every year – no need to concern yourself with that or with the power that goes with it).

This raises some legitimate questions about the trend President Obama is promoting. Is buckling your seatbelt in an automobile a good idea? Yes. Is having health insurance a good thing? Maybe, though there is reason to believe health insurance is a major contributor to out of control health care costs (an issue we are supposed to pretend is not an issue an all). But if that were not a problem would having health insurance be a good idea? Sure. Is voting a good thing? Of course. Is eating healthily and getting plenty of exercise a good thing? Absolutely. But, is forcing people to do these things a good thing? If you answer anything in the affirmative to that question I’ve got news for you: you do not support liberty.

Progressives are not about liberty. The closest progressives get to supporting liberty is promoting the freedom to have a good time (entertainment, sex, drugs, etc.) and the freedom from responsibility (not having the responsibility of getting your own health care, for example, because having the government handle that for you makes you more free). But in every other aspect of life, and now even the right to vote, progressives think life should be regulated by the government. That is not a world view centered on liberty, it is a world view centered on control. This is the “soft tyranny” Alexis de Tocqueville warned us would erode the remarkable liberty that was the result of the American experiment. And so we become serfs in our own country since we apparently need government to take care of us because we cannot be trusted to take care of ourselves.

See the president make his case here:

Mandatory voting? Obama says it would be ‘transformative’
March 18, 2015 by JOSH LEDERMAN

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