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Dear GOP, I’m not sure you actually want to win in 2016

So the GOP won big in November’s mid term elections. Well, technically, you did. In reality, the Obama agenda lost big.

After 6 years of trying Obama’s extreme left ideology the American people repudiated his policies earlier this month. You establishment GOP folks did exactly what you needed to do to exploit these troubling times for the Democrats: stay out of their way. It’s a classic Napoleonic tactic: when you see your enemy making a mistake, don’t interrupt him. And you did this quite well. Unfortunately, that’s about the only thing you’ve done well politically for some time now.

I’m just an ordinary citizen, I’m not a political insider. But I’m amazed at how clueless you political professionals seem to be.

In 2008 you offered up John McCain (the main stream media’s favorite GOP option) as the Republican presidential candidate, thinking he actually had a chance. Realizing he is a progressive Republican, it eventually occurred to you that he needed some conservative credibility, so you found a Washington outsider to join the presidential ticket. She didn’t sound like the typical well polished professional liar we come to expect from the Washington establishment. It was refreshing. But because most in the news media want a polished professional liar lying to them they ridiculed Sarah Palin to no end, and still criticize her to this day. You didn’t defend her, you helped your political opponents destroy her. You treated Palin as a liability, when in fact she is the only reason McCain’s chances of winning the 2008 election were anywhere near the realm of possible. Progressive (or “Moderate” as you like to call them) Republicans are diet Democrats. You offered liberal lite because you thought the American people were inclined to vote for progressive ideals. That didn’t work out so well for you. And instead of blaming yourselves for the stupid decision of allowing the media to choose a progressive GOP candidate for you, you blame the 2008 defeat on Palin and grassroots conservatives.

In 2012 it seems you tried a little harder to sell yourselves as a conservative party. But you offered up the guy credited with Romneycare, the Massachusettes health care policy that supposedly inspired Obamacare (which incidentally, appears to be the primary reason Democrats lost so badly in Congress just recently). You might have actually won that election, but you can’t always account for everything, such as natural disasters that seem to help Obama win a second time. But even with a supposedly more conservative candidate in 2012, for years now you have made it abundantly clear you don’t want to be a conservative party.

What similar problems do we find in these two elections? I’ll address only one right now. You treat a hostile news media, which votes overwhelmingly for Democrats, as reliable news. When the news media portray the Tea Party as extreme or racist, you go along with it. When alternative media expose racism and extremism among Democrats, but the main stream press avoids the story, you likewise seem uninterested. When the news media caste an issue in a light favorable to president Obama (no matter how absurd the logical distortion is or how false it is) you seem to go with the premise they establish, and allow them to define the argument. When the news media constantly ridicule and mock conservatives, you fail miserably at defending us – if you try at all.

You’ve made it clear you don’t want conservatives in the GOP. You want progressives. You even went so far as to support Thad Cochran’s efforts to act like a Democrat in the primary election earlier this year, race baiting ads and all. Some of you even made personal donations to Cochran’s campaign against conservative Chris McDaniel, knowing Cochran was trying to gain Democrat votes for the primary election, and knowing full well those same African Americans would NOT vote for him in the general election. There is no doubt among grassroots conservatives that the Washington establishment (the political class) harbors disdain for conservative America, the part of America that DOESN’T think increasing regulations and taxes and government dependency equal freedom.

And now we are hearing talk about progressive Republican candidates for 2016. For example, I’m not quite sure what to make of the fact that Jeb Bush thinks he has a chance to win the presidency. While he seems to hold a reasonable position on Obamacare, he is a strong supporter of Common Core, which appears to be doing to public education what Obamacare is doing to health care. He also supports amnesty for illegal aliens and taking more money away from hard working Americans by raising taxes. And he’s just one of many possible GOP candidates with strong leanings toward an expansion of government with the stink of progressive meddling in people’s lives. Oh, with the intent to “help” us, of course.

What concerns me is that the GOP seems aimless, even soulless. Not as soulless as Democrats, who seem to want government to practice compassion so ordinary folk don’t have to. No, the GOP is soulless because it wants to cut out its conservative core and replace it with diet Democrats. Because casting the GOP as diet Democrat has worked so well in recent elections, I guess. Is this still the philosophy behind the GOP? Are the GOP establishment really this out of touch with reality and with the American people? Do you really think you’ll win elections by selling yourself to the political left and the political right as liberal lite? If you do that, I’m staying home in the 2016 elections. Well, there may be a way to get me to the polls that day.

I would gladly vote for Dr. Ben Carson for president. He is a remarkable man, and humble, and compassionate. He is the face of American conservatism. It’s true, he is not the polished professional liar so many in politics and the news media clearly want. As far as I’m concerned, that’s all the more reason to vote for him. But he may be too kind for politics. If Dr. Carson is to truly have a chance of winning the presidency in 2016 he would need a lion for a VP. Not a wishy washy “moderate” Republican who tries not to offend anyone. The GOP VP candidate will need to be a fierce fighter for common sense, the rule of law, and small government. Hey, there’s your “moderate” element, a moderate dose of government instead of the overdose we’ve been hit with for decades. Who can fit that bill? Well possibly more than one, but I think one in particular would be the best choice. Imagine seeing this ad all over America:

Carson Gowdy 2016

Congressman Trey Gowdy is a lion. He fights for common sense relentlessly and he fights against corruption. That’s what America desperately needs. We need someone who will fight for what is good and true, for freedom, for integrity. We need someone who will attack lies with the truth, and attack hard enough to make the liars themselves realize how idiotic they look for telling such blatant lies in the first place. We don’t need more moderates.

I say this because I think you GOP establishment professionals have lost your way. You seem to think government is the solution to all of life’s problems, just like the Democrat party thinks. You seem to believe a political candidate will save America, just like Democrats do. I think Dr. Carson understands it is the American people who make America work, not the federal social safety net. Dr. Carson seems the kind of man who will release the government shackles put on the people for decades and unleash the American spirit that has been trapped in a state of dependency. I believe Dr. Carson understands we the people can and will take better care of each other than the nanny state can. Dr. Carson wants to set us free in a country where we can’t even practice compassion without government approval anymore. And Congressman Gowdy can defend him when he is attacked for trying to set us free, because I don’t think you will.

Since you in the political class seem to think a political solution is what America needs, I suggest a Carson/Gowdy ticket for 2016. Instead of trying to remake America (a prospect which requires first tearing it down) President Carson and Vice President Gowdy would allow we the people to rebuild it.

If the GOP allows the main stream media to select a liberal lite candidate for the Republicans in 2016 I will see no difference between the GOP and the Democrats. If the GOP helps the main stream media or the Democrats attack Dr. Carson, I will see no difference between you and them. If the best the GOP has to offer is the pathetic argument that walking toward serfdom is better than sprinting, I will see no difference between the elephant and the ass. If I see no difference, why should I vote for you?


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