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Is race baiting leading to violence?

At the University of Alabama a scare recently hit the campus with a threat of gun violence. The university’s news publication Crimson White reports on the incident here: UAPD investigates death threat at Tutwiler Hall. As the report notes, the following comment appeared on a YouTube video. Here is the comment as reported:

Ladies and gentleman. The day of retribution is getting nearer and nearer. Do not be found wanting. I have seen minorities suffer at the hands of those who think they are superior. This is my first message and I shall not say much. Take this the way you want; as a threat or whatever. All I know is that it will be a day when all that look at minorities with disgust shall remember. After this day, you shall appreciate every minority who walks on that campus. Friday the 20th of September was Miss Sorority Row. My mercy kept all of you alive because it was not yet the day of retribution. Do you want to know how it feels having a TAR-21 passing right through your flesh. I’ll be watching all frat parties and monitoring all of your events. The day is near. Be vigilant.

As you’ll note, the comment clearly makes the impression perceived racism is the motive for the threat. While real racism should be condemned, perceived racism and preaching victimhood do not promote an attitude of “brotherhood” that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. tried to encourage. Stoking racial strife accomplishes the opposite of peace and tolerance.

An investigation into the origins of the threat is still ongoing at this time, but it would be pertinent to look into the political and social atmosphere surrounding it. Have UA instructors been indoctrinated students into the notion that white people are oppressors? Is an anti-fraternity/sorority attitude at work, or did some angry student get rejected by the campus Greek crowd recently? These sorts of motive would seem to fit the attitude of the comment which sparked the situation.

The comment in question could be a tasteless prank, sure. But it could be a serious threat. Either way, playing the race card is becoming more dangerous, as the University reaction indicates. If, sadly, this comment does lead to violence at the University of Alabama there will almost certainly be even more talk (and a great deal of opportunistic publicity) about race relations. But it’s not likely such discussion will take seriously the act of gratuitously playing the race card and indoctrinating students in a mentality of victimhood at the hands of allegedly racist oppressors. The issue of stoking racial strife and slander will likely not be on the table. And that is yet another tragedy of the situation: honest discussion about race is not allowed on college campuses across the entire nation. Politically, and in other ways, it’s just too profitable to keep promoting victimhood.

We’ll have to wait and see if that is the case at the University of Alabama.

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