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Remember when rewriting history was a bad thing?

Many of you probably know of David Barton, a well known American historian often accused of rewriting history. With accusations of diminishing important historical events or minimizing historical characters, David Barton is widely considered a dangerous man. But then, much of this controversy is a matter of interpretation or perspective.

Whether David Barton really is rewriting history largely depends on who you ask. Many people would say American history has already been rewritten with an anti-religious bias, and that Barton is merely attempting to put the record straight. But what ever you believe about Barton’s work, it is highly likely that you object to manipulating the history taught in schools.

Which brings us to another avenue of the battle for the truth. The Common Core initiative is also being accused of attempting to rewrite history, but from a perspective very different from Barton’s.

How do you rewrite history? Like this

Common Core: where critical thinking doesn’t mean thinking for yourself

What is the general reaction to these accusations against Common Core? Why, protecting it of course! Apparently there’s no need to look into the details. Any questions about the controversy should be lead away from actually investigating the claims, and directed instead toward defending efforts supposedly to “reform” public education. The very things David Barton has been accused of doing (minimizing certain people or events from history, and portraying history with a view favorable to his preferences) are precisely the intellectual sins being committed by Common Core.

Thinking for ourselves is supposed to mean not blindly accepting a narrative that we may be inclined to agree with. If independent thought requires us to question David Barton (and by question, I mean blindly reject) it should require us to also question Common Core (and by question, I mean critics are gathering massive evidence and support against it). Unfortunately, honest debate on this is not likely to happen in the current politically charged environment. While critics of Common Core have done their homework, its defenders often blindly reject such criticism and use hyperbole and straw man arguments in its defense. In the same partisan fashion, defenders of Common Core typically blindly accept criticism of David Barton, without bothering to investigate any claims on their own.

It’s pretty difficult to “know” Common Core is reliable and David Barton is not when so few people take the time to look into either situation themselves and protect their beliefs by avoiding anything that might conflict with them. But we live in a time when “thinking for yourself” means blindly following the progressive narrative of any and everything.

Many people pretend Fox News is not real news, and somehow manage to “know” this without ever actually watching Fox News. The closest they get to that is watching “news” on MTV or Comedy Central attacking Fox News (all while believing they are getting unbiased and in depth information). Likewise, these same people pretend Rush Limbaugh is a liar and a fraud, and somehow they “know” this without ever actually listing to his radio program, but only exposing themselves to his critics.

Are you noticing a pattern here? Confirmation bias rules the day in each case. Whether on the perspective of Fox News, Limbaugh, Barton, or education reform, or health care reform, the war on terrorism, climate change, immigration, abortion, etc., the left leaning narrative must govern the perspective of the American people. No one must actually look into the details of anything or do any research on their own. Informing yourself is tantamount to treason or something. Doing your own research is down right un-American, I guess.

The rewriting of history is happening, as a matter of fact. America’s past and America’s present are being rewritten every day, year after year. A progressive narrative is pushed on the American people and anyone who has any differing view must be destroyed. We are supposed to blindly believe everything the Democrat party wants to accomplish is good, and blindly believe everything the Republican party wants to accomplish is evil. Because that’s how “thinking for yourself” works today.

If you are starting to wonder if progressive is actually regressive you’d be right, but you’d also be in danger of becoming a right wing extremist.

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