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Educational Choice Now: Video

Celebrities promoting real education reform that actually works to improve education, rather than cushion unions and line political pockets like common core.

By the end of this message another child will drop out of high school.
Dropout, gone, lost.
Our system is failing our children.
Our kids, too many kids, aren’t getting the quality education they deserve.
Too many kids are losing their future. Way too many kids.
We have got to make a change now. Now.
Right now.
We have to change.
Let’s build a system where every child gets a great education. Every child.
Every child, no matter their zip code, no matter their income,
no matter their race. No matter what.
Every child.
Let’s give parents the power to choose the very best school for their child.
The power. Power for every child.
Join us.
It’s time to help every family, it’s time to help every child. Every child. It’s time.
It’s time
It’s time for Educational Choice.

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