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The Romneys show us the real reason Republicans are racist

So now Mitt Romney has an adopted black grandson. How do we know this and why do we care? Because MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry finds it noteworthy. Note, it is not the fact that one of Romney’s kids adopted a child that is worthy of mention. No, the adoption itself is not the point of hilarity on Harris-Perry’s show. What was the reason for mentioning this photo to the panel she invited? The child’s race.

Of course the panel finds it “ironic” that the photo of the Romney family supposedly reflects the diversity of the Republican Party – with the one token black member. The fact that progressives and particularly black leftists go out of their way to prevent black people from leaving the leftist plantation and joining the Republican Party is not to be mentioned. It is not Republicans or conservatives of any stripe who exclude blacks from their party. It is not Republicans or conservatives who keep interjecting race into various discussions, often gratuitously. It is progressives who do this, particularly leftists who get paid to find racism even when it isn’t there. It wasn’t Republicans or conservatives who supported slavery, Jim Crow, or other forms of racism in America’s past, and it isn’t Republicans or conservatives who make a living off of fomenting racial divisiveness now.

The Romney family is one of many, many conservative families who adopt children, and many of these have adopted black children. Why would racist white people adopt black children? They are not racist, and they treat race as a non-issue in the first place. Which was the point of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream speech, was it not? Unlike Harris-Perry’s panel, who finds race to be the ONLY noteworthy aspect of the Romney family photo. One need not work hard to imagine the public reaction had a Fox News panel mocked a family for adopting a child of a different race.

Republicans are not the racists here and they have never been the party of racism. That label was earned by the other party. Republicans are often regarded as racist simply because they are so often accused of such. With bigotry on display by the mocking progressive panelists, we see the Romney family putting diversity into practice in their real lives. And we are still supposed to think of Republicans as racist merely because progressives say so.

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Apparently some people need racism (and it may not be who you think)

On Sunday’s Melissa Harris-Perry MSNBC show (h/t to Noel Sheppard at NewsBusters) viewers witnessed yet another example of an all too common phenomenon in American politics. It’s the same phenomenon we witnessed during the Henry Lewis Gates controversy (where the Cambridge police department, including black police officers, defended their white comrade against accusations of racism made by Prof. Gates) and the Duke Lacrosse team controversy (where members of the Duke Lacrosse team were falsely accused of racism and the account of their accuser changed too many times to know what was true and what wasn’t). It’s the phenomenon, as the honorable Bob Parks put it, of finding racism even when it isn’t there.

Evidently some people need racism. Acknowledging that there has been a great deal of progress against racism since the 1960s is not the same as saying or in any way suggesting racism has been eliminated. That some unnamed Americans claim racism has been eliminated is a red herring perpetrated by people who make their living criticizing racism, even if they have to manufacture it in order to have something to criticize. To keep themselves employed these individuals and groups must charge someone else of racism or of somehow diminishing the importance of race issues. In reality, charges of false racism damage efforts to fight real racism – often racism ignored by the so called defenders of civil rights.

Ron Christie was the sole conservative voice on a 5 person panel on the MSNBC program. As is typical of main stream news venues, when a conservative voice is permitted at all it is vastly outnumbered (in this case 4 to 1, including the ultra left wing host Harris-Perry). One of the guests, Angela Rye, unsurprisingly perpetuated the myth that racism permeates the Tea Party. Her particular charge was that referring to the still unprovable incident of Rep. John Lewis being spit upon while walking through a Tea Party protest.

The problem with this particular charge is that there is ample video footage of the alleged incident where no N-word can be heard and no spit can be found being hurled at Rep. Lewis. And as Ron Christie explains, he was physically present at said event. But, in the world of those who get paid to find racism, mere accusations and syndication of those accusations qualify as evidence. Many people regard opinion polls on matters of race as “studies” and treat as legitimate overtly left wing “news” reports with loaded questions and rigged metrics. (One blogger finds no reason to question left wing sources or narrative which filters any and all information about the Tea Party, Republicans, or conservatives at large – all while dishonestly denying they are suggesting ALL members of these groups are racist, when in fact that is precisely what they are suggesting).

Angela Rye was in fact arguing the Tea Party is a racist organization. While having real evidence to support the assertion is not required, she does have popular sentiment among fellow progressives who likewise accept these accusations simply because so many other progressives believe them too. Following the narrative is what satisfies left leaning logic in political matters. For Rye, an eye witness account and lack of video evidence among plenty of video footage will not trump propaganda. All evidence for right wing racism must be treated as self evident of the character of the entire entirety of the political right. Why? Because looking at a situation without anti-conservative bias would not yield the necessary “racist undertones” required for progressivism and race baiting to survive. Among progressives, the Tea Party is widely “known” as a racist organization primarily because it is what progressives have already decided to believe, thus it becomes a self fulfilling perspective – reality be damned. (no need to talk about racism found at left wing protests)

Instead of evidence, progressives simply repeat the typical ultra-left play book. This means, as we saw with the Gates situation and the Duke Lacrosse situation, one can make accusations and not bother with the facts. In all three cases (Gates, Duke, and the Tea Party) accusations of racism are made, the accusations get wide news coverage, and evidence may or may not be disclosed later – because the evidence is not what is important. As in the case of the Gates and Duke Lacrosse incidents, a total lack of evidence is largely ignored by the left. Why ignore evidence of left wing racism and foment racial strife with the political right? One may get the impression that combating racism really isn’t the point. The battle is against the political right, against conservatives. Because, to the progressive, what is really at stake is not freedom or justice, but power.

It’s easier to fight against freedom and promote supposedly benevolent oppression if everything the other side says and does can be portrayed as evil. So you don’t have to listen to “kill the bill” when members of the Congressional Black Caucus walk through a protest. You don’t have to worry about the fact that the federal government can now punish you for NOT purchasing a particular product – at a rate of $4000 dollars per year. Anything and everything the Tea Party, Republicans, or conservatives say must be interpreted with ill intent, so the words they actually say no longer have meaning – it’s better to pretend we know what they “really” meant to say – and put words in their mouth or presume their true intent. The entire progressive movement NEEDS racism if they are to maintain their political power, even if it means manufacturing racism.

If Ray, Harris-Perry, and so many others find it so necessary to discuss racism among the Tea Party I humbly suggest they should be equally zealous to expose left wing racism as well. But it seems easier to just pretend there isn’t any left wing racism, or at least pretend any incidents of left wing racism are isolated (which is somehow supposed to make them insignificant), and any incidents of right wing racism are common place (even if they have to be invented).

Regarding the alleged spitting incident, there is some video evidence of this happening, but not with Rep. John Lewis as is so often stated. As is often the case, what happens on screen can be interpreted quite differently, depending on the bias one brings to the table. This video shows Rep. Emanuel Cleaver walking behind Rep. Lewis. You’ll see Rep. Cleaver walking up the steps with protesters yelling “kill the bill”. [Note to leftists reading this post: “kill the bill” is not code for “I want to kill you” or anything other than opposition to a piece of legislation.] As the video shows, the Congressmen walk in close proximity to some yelling protesters, one of whom has his hands clasped over his mouth forming something like a megaphone. This particular protester yells his “kill the bill” message at Rep. Lewis and others who walk in front of Rep. Cleaver, and continues the yelling as Rep. Cleaver walks past. It appears as thought fluid does in fact leave the protester’s mouth. But rather than acknowledge a likely possibility, that saliva built up in his mouth during his yelling and he ACCIDENTALLY spit on the passing Congressman, the progressives would have you believe the man is skillful enough to continue yelling and hock a luge at the same time, DELIBERATELY spitting on the Congressman. Likewise, progressives selectively acknowledge the difficulty in understanding anything said at the loud protest, but insist with absolute certainty racial epithets were stated, undiscernible though they may be. Of course, being a Tea Party protest, only the worst possibilities are be acknowledged. No benefit of the doubt is necessary. While the expectoration could easily have been accidental the baseless accusations of racial epithets and race hustling cannot.

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