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Progressive is actually regressive

There are an alarming number of things in society that people blindly accept as true and yet are actually the opposite of what they are believed to be. I say blindly because, despite the passionate sincerity with which many believe something, they do so not because they see evidence of it but only because so many people keep talking about it. With enough people talking about an idea as if it were true it becomes easy to just follow the crowd.

The healthcare debate perfectly exemplifies this phenomenon. Any number of components of a progressive view are antithetical to what most people think progressivism is about. I was recently discussing the Affordable Care Act with a leftist who embodied so many of these opposites. One comment in particular shows many of these quite succinctly.

defending Obamacare

First, the myth of progressive compassion. Apart from the notion of paying the government to help people so you don’t have to (which I’ve addressed here) there is also the inherent selfishness of leftwing ideology. The discussion with this leftist from earlier in the week and in the quote above showed he really didn’t give a crap about anyone but himself. Many people have been adversely affected by Obamacare already (though at this point the program is a total disaster) but this faithful progressive isn’t affected by that. His focus is on promoting Obamacare because of what he believes it could do (supposedly to make health care available to every American, which it still doesn’t do) regardless of the reality of the harm it is actually inflicting on people. A self-centered perspective ignoring the real life harm inflicted on others is not compassion.

Another myth of progressives is that they are highly intelligent people. Of the many, many reports of Obamacare I’ve read none are good (well, there is the fraudulent testimony of Obama supporter Chad Henderson). The embarrassing failed launch of Healthcare.gov doesn’t bode well for the rest of Obamacare. The horror stories already emanating from the country are astounding. I linked only one story to the guy I was debated with, one which didn’t unload a bunch of negativity but gave an assessment of the health care exchanges for a real family. The offerings of Obamacare were terrible compared to the health coverage this family currently has. Instead of seeing the situation as to how it could affect other people, the progressive had this response:

defending obamacare2

A classic case of static, small minded thinking. The guy debating with me truly had no idea there are many, many other Americans who no longer have the option of keeping the health insurance they had before Obamacare (such as 800,000 residents of New Jersey) and refused to think beyond the one example. Willful static thinking plus ignorance of the reality of the situation does not equal well informed. But rather than take the situation seriously and acknowledge his ignorance he decided to reject even the possibility that anything could actually be wrong with Obamacare. None of this makes one look intelligent. And he confirmed his ignorance by regurgitating left wing talking points that have nothing to do with reality. I responded to the above quote, and he responded back:

defending obamacare3

So this statement could be interpreted two ways. 1) the only people who don’t have health insurance could afford it but simply chose not to buy it. This is patently absurd, which is not beyond progressives, but I’ll give this guy the benefit of the doubt and go with the other interpretation. 2) only people who could afford health insurance but elected not to buy it would be harmed by the health care exchanges and/or $4000 penalty. The reality is it is not only those who could already afford health insurance and chose not to buy it who will be stuck with the ridiculously more expensive health care plans made available in the Obamacare exchanges. Anyone who is now legally required to get health insurance but could NOT previously afford it now have available to them only the more expensive plans offered by Obamacare. By mindlessly following the pro-Obamacare talking points this progressive did not think about how the program has already changed the health care landscape.

Another progressive myth is the notion that they support liberty. The progressive debating with me about Obamacare fully supports the $4000 penalty and the individual mandate. Forcing people to purchase something is not liberty – it is control. Involving the IRS to enforce penalties for NOT buying something you don’t want is not what I usually think of as “helping people”. That’s not the kind of help I want or need. That is oppression.

The myth of independence is a very curious one. Progressives like to think of themselves as favoring independence while simultaneously and almost invariably supporting the government making more decisions for the people. A decision the government makes for you is a choice taken away from you. In reality, progressives are staunch supporters of dependence on government.

And finally, the myth of tolerance. Progressives constantly talk about tolerance. If only they would practice what they preach. Any one who has any objection to Obamacare, Common Core, or anything Democrats support or anything President Obama says or does must, by definition, be racist. I have a suggestion for dealing with race baiters. The progressive reliance on the race card and accusations of other forms of bigotry is the antithesis of tolerance. No diversity of opinion is permitted on the ideal of fairness and allowing government to enforce this fairness. It is abuse and it is hateful.

These ideals of progressivism would be good were they true. But progressives in fact practice the opposite of these ideals. They are regressive, not progressive. Brutish, not enlightened. The political left should be held accountable with this intellectual dishonesty. It doesn’t help if the conversation devolves into spite, which is almost guaranteed simply by speaking about political or social issues with progressives. But inconvenient questions are necessary. Ask questions. Don’t let assumptions go unchallenged.

Race Card deck

Race Card deck

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