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How far will you let this silliness go?

It’s a loaded question, sure. Sorry about that. Instead of saving it until the end, let me instead start with the punch line: you are letting this happen.

I don’t mean you’re making this happen. But because the silent majority (as we call it) is, well, silent, shenanigans keep happening and they seem to be happening more frequently and at a faster pace. For example:

(8-Year-Old Points Finger Like Gun, Suspended for ‘Act Of Violence’)
“Bang, Bang,” You’re Suspended: Second-Grader Sent Home for Carrying Invisible Gun
October 3, 2013 by Evan Bernick

(school forces girl to change shirt because it’s “offensive, violent, or divisive clothing”)
School Apologizes to Student, Says She Can Wear NRA Shirt
October 3, 2013 by AWR Hawkins

(uniformed cop’s gun freaks out parents as he drops off his daughter at school)
The Unbelievable Reason This Police Officer Dad Was Told Not to Visit His Daughter’s School While in Uniform
October 3, 2013 by Jason Howerton

Now there are plenty of other problems our society must deal with. Illegal immigration is being turned upside down so that anyone who thinks security issues should be taken seriously are considered evil. Anyone who thinks government taking over ever increasing degrees of our daily lives is a problem are considered evil. The religion of peace is still killing people all over the world and if you mention what I just said you’re considered evil. And the list goes on and on. A progressive agenda seems to be winning the culture war on many fronts. There’s so much, and the war is so big, what can we do about it?

That’s a good question, kind of. Those of us who work to pay for government benefits offered to the American people typically don’t have a lot of time to organize – because we’re working. In fact because of our current economic situation many of us have had to rely on those government benefits, and we may even wonder if the system was ever designed to help people get out of it. But we need to be careful how we live in every aspect of life. When trying to preserve liberty and fight the forces that erode it we need to guard against damaging our own side. Thinking has as much to do with the culture war as does policy; perhaps even more so. Did you notice part of a progressive attitude even in asking “what can we do about it”?

If we take a collective approach to dealing with society’s problems we can easily get locked into a progressive trap: the problem is SO BIG. That mentality can lead us to feeling defeated, and we give up. Or it can lead us to thinking only the professionals and experts can fight this fight – which is eerily similar to the “government knows best” tenet of left wing ideology. When fighting against progressive policy we’re fighting an uphill battle. There’s so much going on that we need to fight those up hill battles, sure, but we don’t have to limit the fight only to this hard way of doing things. We can also battle the supply lines, the beginnings of the culture war: people’s hearts and minds.

We can challenge progressive ideas before they over take our laws. We can attack parts of the progressive agenda before they take root in our communities. It’s much easier to win a battle that way, if we would just do it. But we’re reluctant. There are some brave souls willing to devote their lives to this battle, and they should be commended. Much of what is now called the “new media” or “alternative media” is a great example of what can happen when freedom loving Americans work together to fight the culture war. Alternative media has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few decades. But that’s only a good start, it’s not the end.

Freedom lovers need to be active not only in living life but also in defending the very liberty we love. We all know the saying eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. But we don’t act like we know it. We often live our lives as though merely exercising freedom is enough. It isn’t. Our freedoms are eroding while are jaws scrape the ground in astonishment. But there is something we can do.

Pick an issue. Build a community around defending freedom in that arena. You’re right in thinking you, alone, can’t do much. But you also won’t accomplish much in just leaving it “to the experts”. You can form a tribe with like minded people. And as a team you can accomplish something.

Make movies. Make music. Form a club, a think tank, a fund raiser, etc. Pick something you and a group of other freedom lovers can do together to join in the fight.

separation between school and stateBack to the school shenanigans mentioned in the news stories above. The progressive agenda has dominated public education for generations, and it’s getting worse. The left is moving further left and training future citizens to perpetuate a Statist way of life. This agenda can be challenged on a grassroots level. If that movement grows, as it almost certainly would, you could push back hard against the anti-gun/anti-Second Amendment agenda. In fact I’ve created something to help in that particular fight. I’m calling it the Separation Between School and State movement. (click here)

Utilizing current print on demand services you can get shirts, stickers, drink ware, and more to help promote a message you want to promote. You can get all that stuff for the Separation Between School and State message as well. I’ve created a Cafepress store promoting many liberty-minded messages. You don’t have to get my stuff, you can make your own stuff. But I’m trying to pay bills at my house, so I’d really appreciate it if you could share this post and tell others about my Dare to be Different store.

Check out the messages available at Dare to be Different. There is a ton of swag for “Equal Justice”, “Fair Share”, “Selective Tolerance”, “The Political Class” and lots more uncommon sense that used to be common in previous generations. And I’m adding new material all the time. You can see the whole store by clicking here now. I want to help right minded Americans fight the culture war from the grassroots level, fighting an oppressive philosophy BEFORE it becomes the law of the land. And when sufficient momentum is built you’ll be amazed at how much can be done at the state or even federal level.

Do you know of an event or meeting in a month or two? Get some of my Uncommon Sense messages and hand out the swag to people who share your love of liberty. Would you like to see an established organization do more in their fight or try something different? Have them stock up on Uncommon Sense. Start with individuals and grassroots organizations or events. That’s what my mission is about.

I’ve also created a separate store just for messages to help people show appreciation for our troops. Click here to see that stuff.

In the early days of alternative media I found myself astounded at merely hearing someone speak truth against progressives. You can have the same effect on others by wearing and sharing Uncommon Sense. Do something. Don’t pretend you can do it all on your own but still take initiative. In a representative republic we elect representatives. Don’t let those elected legislators pretend to be “leaders”. They are your employees. You are leaders. So lead. Don’t sit back in disgust and let tyranny happen. You should be happening to tyranny so freedom can ring.

Click here to see the social/political store.

Click here to see the pro-troops store.

american, culture, economy, education, elitism, freedom, government, ideology, nanny state, political correctness, propaganda, public policy, scandal, socialism, troops

38 thoughts on “How far will you let this silliness go?

  1. You elect representatives, yes … but who do they represent? On paper I’d guess you. In fact—?

    The system is wrong. Replace it.

  2. My apologies—in three different browsers I cannot get the ‘like’ button to work. A real pity, because I very much like the tone of this piece, it resonates with my own thoughts.

    Good luck~!

  3. You make a mistake in thinking the problem is limited to America. It is worldwide (gives a bit of credence to all the ‘Conspiracy’ nutters, no?).

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