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Can black people be trusted with freedom?

Today is election day where I live, for local offices. I was asked to manage one property where the voting will occur. The facility is a church, which is a 501(c)(3) organization, so the normal rules forbidding campaigning on premises were supposedly in effect. I met one of the councilmen running for re-election and he was holding a campaign sign with his name on it. So I approached him and asked about the campaign rules. After a bit of friendly chat he and I both got confirmation that the contract allowing the use of the facility for voting including an exception for the campaigning rules. So all was well, and he continued his last minute campaigning for the day.

During our brief conversation the discussion moved from the rules about forbidden campaigning to illegal exceptions to that rule. We touched on the fact that “black churches” can at whim violate this separation between tax-exempt groups and political activism. As if that wasn’t bad enough, this councilman then told me something shocking. Being intimately involved in the political process, he told me the ballots handed out to voters at black churches are already filled in. If you don’t realize what that means, it means the people who vote at these churches are told how to vote and apparently are not given the option to think for themselves. And he was telling me this as if he was proud of it, since it was his name written on those ballots. “I’ve got the black vote” he said.

Given our historically ignorant American culture, it’s probably necessary to explain something in the history of black voting. When the KKK was formed they did many things to support their racist agenda, but one of these despicable acts included voter intimidation – which is an understatement. Blacks who were not murdered were often terrorized and told they would be killed if they voted Republican. Not long after the war between the states, the newly freed slaves voted Republican, because that’s who fought their Democrat oppressors. This is part of the reason for the 14th and 15th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution. Although slavery was officially banned by the 13th Amendment in 1865, by 1870 the 14th and 15th Amendments were also ratified. That’s 3 new amendments to the constitution in 5 years time – all related to the issue of slavery. Where the 13th Amendment bans the institution of slavery, the 14th addresses several things. But the 15th Amendment specifically protects only one thing: the right to vote. The KKK knew the emancipated slaves would vote against them during any election, thus the use of force and terrorism to prevent blacks from voting, or at least from voting Republican. Because of such shenanigans the intent of the 15th Amendment wasn’t truly realized until about a century later.

Another dirty Democrat tactic was known as Jim Crow. For decades after the 13th Amendment banned slavery, these ordinances and other such laws were designed to treat blacks as non-persons, as second-class citizens. Many Jim Crow laws focused specifically on voting, adding absurd requirements or restrictions on the right of blacks to vote. Voting was considered an essential right and an essential aspect of what it means to be a free people. That’s why it was so important to the KKK and their political superiors to control how black people voted.

We have a very different idea about voting today. Our culture seems to have forgotten the vital importance in the right to vote. Politicians and political wonks haven’t forgotten it, but the general population has. And it is astonishing how black people are still treated today regarding this right. But it’s like the flip side of the same coin. Instead of trying to prevent blacks from voting, there is overwhelming pressure to vote a certain way. This pressure appears in the form of telling black people how to vote (such as described above) and in ridiculing black people who don’t vote the way “they are supposed to”. Today, a black person voting Republican is treated like a “traitor to the race”. The myth about the two major political parties switching is a powerful political tool for Democrats. The Southern Strategy indeed was an brief and despicable attempt by the Republican Party to siphon off racist Democrat votes; and thankfully it was a failure. But today it seems as if the only people who get accused of being racist today are Republicans. The only real racists I personally know are life long Democrats. As is the case on many controversial issues, here too there is a major disconnect between what people think they know and what is actually true. That’s what propaganda is for.

The Republican and Democrat parties have indeed evolved over the generations, but they have never switched sides. Now instead of supporting overt slavery, Democrats support keeping people (especially minorities) dependent on government programs. Now, instead of being racist for supporting slavery, people are called racist for not supporting government dependency. Republicans are still promoting the same basic concepts such as equal before the law, and people being judged by the content of their character as one famous Republican once said. Democrats have totally switched their narrative innumerable times, but not their ultimate agenda. They latched onto the “Progressive” label in the early 20th century, which turned out to be a horrible philosophy. When that moniker ended up turning too many voters away they called themselves Liberals instead, which turned out to be Progressives with a new name. Now they’re back to using the term Progressives. Dependency is the new slavery – convincing people they can’t survive in the world without government hand outs. But these hand outs will continue only as long as the recipients vote “like they are supposed to”. Democrats are still trying to control how people vote, a time honored approach in the party. They are now using the carrot instead of the stick, bribes instead of threats or violence, but it is still voter control.

Progressive Republicans try the same tactics today, thinking bribes are what win elections. Unfortunately, they’re right. But conservative Republicans still prefer using reasonable persuasion, which simply doesn’t work well when people have been trained to expect grand promises, only to find out later the politicians can’t really deliver. Pandering works. And victimization is one of the best forms of pandering. Training black people to blindly follow the Democrat Party is very easy today. This was something much harder to do in the years immediately following the civil war. But when most of the country has been convinced, with no evidence, that the parties have switched sides, it’s easy to build up the voter base with promises of more dependency.

Despite these advantages, some threats to the Democrat voter base still exist. One of the most fearsome threats is a black voter with the gumption to think for him/her self. This is the prime reason black public schools are designed the way they are, so black people can be kept ignorant of any number of things in the name of education. But some rise above the system. When these threats are dealt with is when we see the ugly side of the propaganda machine. This is when we see the political left revealing who they really are: when they try to put black people back “in their place”. Names like Uncle Tom, oreo, and other blatantly racist terms get thrown about with the defenders of civil liberties remaining silent. The notion that black people are just as capable of succeeding in life as anyone else is ridiculed as racist. Even looking at American history is deemed racist, especially the parts where Democrats are unquestionably the guilty party. It seems Democrats don’t trust black people with their own freedom and must be lead like cattle to think and vote the proper way. After all, when left to think for themselves, it looks like black people might vote for someone else.

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