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Do we really want MLK’s dream?

We may not really want to realize Martin Luther King Jr’s dream. When he described a world in which people are judged not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character, what he was describing was a racially color blind society. But we don’t really want that.

Don’t get me wrong, a racially color blind society is an ideal we should be working toward, we just don’t want to. Let me explain what I mean.

There are people who believe, in order to achieve a racially color blind society, we should treat people as people, and not look at the world through the lens of race. We should treat race as irrelevant. But those who believe and practice this also think society should not impose special rules on us which reenforce racial divisions. In this mentality, racial color blindness means we socially and legally treat people as no different from one another, where the color of one’s skin does not matter. There is a word for people who think like this. We call them racists.

What?! Yes, we call them racists. You already know there are people in the United States who make a living on racism. They foment racial strife, ascribe racial animosity for supporting one policy or opposing another. They tell minorities they are victims, and try to make them believe slavery is only an election away if they don’t vote the proper way. They take simple or even ridiculous comments and distort them to mean something racial – things like black whole, Chicago, or voter fraud. And what do we call people who do these things? We call them defenders of civil liberties or something similar.

If we were willing to be honest we would admit there is so much money and power in fighting against racism that racism must be kept alive, or at least the fear of it, in order for the money and power to keep flowing. And battle lines have to be drawn. The defenders of civil liberties can say and do outrageously racist things, and get a pass. Those who actually try to practice racial color blindness can be called racist for abandoning racial concepts entirely. Real racism still happens, but pales in comparison to the false racism that has to be invented to keep the power structure in place.

If we really wanted to live MLK’s dream, we would be willing to move on. We would be eager to treat race as irrelevant. We would not pretend there has been no progress against racism since the 1960s. We would not see racism even when it isn’t there. We would acknowledge and respond appropriately to racism when it really happens – instead of ignoring it just because the perpetrator happens to be a member of a particular political party. We would not make a publicity orgy out of a terrible tragedy and pretend race had anything to do with it, and distort, hide, or even manufacture evidence to make it a racial issue, as was done with the Zimmerman trial. We would not eagerly contort words or actions so as to interject racial motivation into a situation, as is the MO of some political talking heads masquerading as journalists. We would not gladly embrace public policies assuming certain people groups are incompetent and cannot survive without their own personal government hand outs, and sub-standard hand outs at that. We would not mindlessly defer to accusations made by people who make a living fighting racism, while pretending their financial incentive for doing so has nothing to do with anything. We would not pretend the two major political parties have switched sides so as to blame one for the racist atrocities committed by the other.

So I ask, do we really want MLK’s dream? I don’t think we do, not as a society anyway. Some of us do, and we are treated as enemies of humanity for it.

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  1. […] Case in point, University of Pennsylvania’s professor Anthea Butler recently referred to Dr. Carson as a ‘coon’. It’s highly unlikely any white liberal could get away with that (well, maybe a white liberal could after all) but anyone can question Carson’s black “authenticity” because he strayed from the vote plantation. The vast majority of blacks loyally vote Democrat (even if they can’t be trusted with their own freedom) despite being exploited and taken for granted by Democrats for over half a century. Republicans may be working to change this after half a century of thinking there was no point in reaching out to black voters. All in all, it’s not Republicans who think less of black people and it’s not Republicans who keep black people in economic shackles, and it wasn’t Republicans who instituted or defended slavery in the first place. But somehow Republicans have inherited the blame for slavery and for the Democrat institution of Jim Crow, despite always arguing for liberals to stop taking liberty with other people’s freedom. That shift in blame allows liberals to, with impunity, continue treating black people as an inferior race because they really don’t want to see Dr. King’s dream realized. […]

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