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Daily Kos is racist

In the tradition of a predominantly left leaning political discussion, where there is an opportunity to misinterpret a statement or gesture, one must do so. In that light, we have a curious statement in a recent Daily Kos post about Ted Cruz:

“Give this man enough rope and a tree, please.”

Now, had a right wing blog stated something like this there is no reason to assume it would have been interpreted as intended. Instead, such a statement would have been branded as racist, as it clearly brings to mind images of lynching. Since there is almost a 100% chance ultra leftists would interpret such a statement this way were it found at a right leaning source, I see no reason why it shouldn’t also be interpreted this way in its actual context. Therefore, one can argue that Daily Kos is promoting lynching. Other than that, if you can stomach it, read the full hate filled post here, where bigotry substitutes for intellect and hype substitutes for knowing what one is talking about.

(h/t to Tim Graham)


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