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Education or abstinence, freedom or regulation – make up your mind

What’s the preferred solution for dealing with teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases? The notion of abstinence is frequently ridiculed as pointless. Education about safety is touted as the best solution.

What’s the preferred solution for dealing with guns? Abstinence is touted as the best solution, and education about safety is ridiculed as pointless. The argument “they’re going to do it anyway” is conspicuously absent from the same people who say kids are going to engage in sex anyway.

Surprisingly, the gun control crowd seems to find evidence that abstinence works with guns, and that education doesn’t. Never you mind the logical contortion and intellectual dishonesty required to “find” such evidence. Funny how people find evidence of what they like, and conveniently can’t find evidence supporting what they don’t like.

With women’s rights (code for abortion) the political left tells us even a 13 year old girl should have an unregulated right to abortion. No parental permission or knowledge required. But when Planned Parenthood holds a poster contest to commemorate an anniversary of Roe v Wade, we find that any participant in said contest younger than 18 is required to prove parental consent. Hmm. With abortion, we are not supposed to ask questions. We are supposed to simply conform to the argument that the issue at stake is constitutional rights, and that is enough to squelch debate, because said right is sacrosanct. No challenge should be taken seriously. Because, if any regulation of abortion is permitted, that proves a slippery slope, inviting further regulation. And regulation, in itself, threatens the rights being regulated.

The right to speech is treated similarly. With some notable exceptions, the political left generally prefers to keep speech free from regulation (unless you happen to have an opinion different from theirs). If we make communism illegal, that is a violation of the first amendment. If we regulate violence on television or in movies, that violates the first amendment. If pornography is treated as exploitation or harmful, this mentality somehow threatens all speech. The issue is not about the harm these things cause to society, the issue is that a constitutional right is at stake. And that is enough to squelch debate, because said right is sacrosanct. Any regulation proves a threat to the right, and that is unacceptable.

But the right to own guns is met with precisely the opposite attitude. On this issue regulation is touted as vital to the survival of civilization. The more regulation the better. Never mind that pesky old document, it’s out of date anyway. We are to ignore examples of how regulation failed, while individual action succeeded. Textbook example of how to deal with a school shooter.

How can one support constitutional rights, especially with the ferocity the left has for abortion and speech, and yet utterly disregard the right to keep and bear arms – the right to defend oneself, especially against government? Selective reasoning at its best. What is this blind faith and adoration the left has for government based on?

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