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Ignore our conspiracy, they are the nutjobs

When one lacks support from media, politics, and general common (un)knowledge, people who want to go against the grain have a lot of work to do. Anthony Watts is just such a fellow, since he has only real facts to support his argument against the unquestionable narrative of man-made global warming. In appearing in PBS this week, Watts has had a great deal of feedback, mostly negative. But, as with the environmental data itself, it seems Watts’ critics can’t be bothered to check into the facts of the surrounding situation. Now we’ve got environmental alarmists calling for a conspiracy to save humanity, while continuing the myth that people who think for themselves (rather than blindly accepting the political hype permeating the issue) are the conspiracy theorists. Even scientists married to the believe of anthropogenic climate change can’t keep up with publications in their own field.

Watts Up With That?

This has been a weird week with my appearance on PBS Newshour. As Noel Sheppard at Newsbusters documents, the alarmosphere has gone beserk over my appearance on PBS.

Watching it, it becomes clear they are in a panic. Even Ralph Nader says Washington is running away from the issue. So, like anyone who’s panicked, Nuccitelli makes an epic fail in his haste to discredit me. He’s upset that I was allowed to speak at PBS and I was just one of a balanced panel of people on that program. It must have been the horrible things I said like:

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