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Who do you interview after a political speech or debate?

Instead of Republicans, Networks Turn to Obama Aide for GOP Debate Reaction
September 8, 2011 by Scott Whitlock

The morning after eight Republican presidential candidates debated each other in California, all three morning shows brought on a Democrat, White House chief of staff William Daley.

Good Morning America, the Early Show and Today all offered varying degrees of tough questions for Mr. Daley. But, couldn’t the networks have at least found one Republican candidate willing to appear on-air?

After GOP Debate, Networks Turn to a Democrat; After Obama’s Speech? A Democrat
September 9, 2011 by Scott Whitlock

On Thursday, the day after the Republican presidential debate, the network morning shows turned to a high profile Democrat for a response. On Friday, the day after Barack Obama’s jobs speech to Congress, the same programs turned to Democratic Vice President Joe Biden.

On Friday’s Good Morning America, George Stephanopoulos offered this softball to Biden: “Mark Zandi, the economist say this can create close to two million jobs. Is that what you expect? And what is the down side risk for the economy if the President’s plan doesn’t pass?”

Today co-host Ann Curry blandly asked the VP: “Mr. Vice President, let’s say for a moment that Congress comes together and supports the President’s plan. When is the earliest that the first job could be created as a result of this plan?”

She did wonder if Obama’s proposed legislation was “too late” in coming, but mostly failed to challenge Biden.

In a tease for the segment, Curry oddly asserted, “Also ahead this morning, we’re going to get reaction from both sides to last night’s speech from President Obama.” The reaction from “both sides” never really happened. Yes, Eric Cantor and Rick Perry were quoted in a Chuck Todd segment, but they didn’t appear as guests.

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