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News media think American people are dumb, prefer the political class

Michelle Bachmann has been getting a lot of grief from our impartial news media of late. But it is interesting to see what the media are pushing.

Gregory Scolds Bachmann for Listening to Public Opinion on Debt Ceiling
August 14, 2011 by Noel Sheppard

It appears David Gregory is a bit confused about how our system of government works.

During intense questioning of Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) on Sunday’s “Meet the Press,” the host scolded his guest for having the nerve to actually care what the American people thought about raising the debt ceiling (video follows with transcript and commentary):

read full article and see the video

CNN’s Candy Crowley Insists to Michele Bachmann That She’s ‘Outside the Mainstream’
August 15, 2011 by Tim Graham

On her Sunday interview show State of the Union, CNN host Candy Crowley pushed Michele Bachmann hard from the left, suggesting her stance on the debt ceiling is “outside the mainstream” of political society. Touting a CBS-New York Times poll which found the Tea Party were losing popularity among Republicans, she added, “we have a poll where the majority of Americans said you all need to compromise on this debt ceiling, you all need to raise the debt ceiling, and it out to be — the deal ought to include a combination of tax increases and spending cuts. You are opposed to both raising the debt ceiling and that kind of compromise. So doesn’t that put you outside the mainstream?”

Bachmann said “absolutely not” to that pushy question:

BACHMANN: Oh goodness, absolutely not. I haven’t gone…

CROWLEY: Even if most people disagree?

BACHMANN: I have not gone one place in Iowa or South Carolina or New Hampshire where anyone has said, please, raise my taxes they are not high enough already. Never happens. And people, I will almost every event I go to, and we don’t poll in just certain people, it’s open to the public, people are not there saying raise the debt ceiling, we want you to borrow more money. It doesn’t happen, Candy.

People are very upset and nervous about where the economy is at now. And what we saw yesterday in the straw poll, people in Iowa sent a message loud and clear to President Obama. They said we are done with your policies. We want something very different, because after all in this debt ceiling debate, this wasn’t about default. Remember, the president had no plan. I offered a plan. My plan says we don’t default, but what we do is pay the interest on the debt, our military and senior citizens and prioritize our spending. That’s what Washington is unwilling to do.

Crowley built up to that point with a series of inquiries about why the Tea Party’s popularity is collapsing among Republicans. Bachmann did not point out the obvious media bias in this polling. Was anyone polling the popularity of the Daily Kos/MoveOn/”anti-war” movement on the left in 2004 or 2008? CBS and The New York Times never did! And so it went, with a series of “but, but” questions returning to the poll:

read the full article

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