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Make up yer mind: global warming emergency or cooling emergency?

Climate Alarmists Backpedal: China Now Responsible for Global Cooling
July 5, 2011 by Aubrey Vaughan

Frustrated climate alarmists, who have failed to match global temperature trends to their dramatic global warming predictions for years, have come up with a counterintuitive study to explain the lack of global warming since 1998: China’s excessive burning of coal during its rapid growth had a cooling effect on the earth’s temperature.

The new study, based on Fox News global warming skepticism, contradicts much of the anti-coal sentiments held by environmentalists. While it explains that burning coal does emit heat-trapping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, it also releases heat-reflecting sulfur into the atmosphere, and the two work to cancel each other’s effects out.

This study comes after global warming skeptics questioned lead researcher Robert Kaufmann about the lack of global warming over the past decade.

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2 Responses

  1. Then the solution to reduce global warming is more burning of fossil fuels and release of particulate matter into the atmosphere? Holy conundrum Batman! That would make a global carbon tax obsolete, because the release of carbon dioxide would be partially offset by the release of particular matter! I would like to see the left’s next rationalization to seize control of industrial and economic infrastructure if this point is hammered home in the public forum.

    • foxenterprises says:

      I’m sure the faithful won’t let this inconvenient truth hinder the agenda to save the planet.

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