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Tolerant Liberals say “Lynch the black guy”

hat tip to Alfonzo Rachel February 3, 2011

The Palm Springs area was one of my old stomping grounds. I know for a FACT that liberalism is prominent there. Liberalism is just a word that gives arbitrary license to hate. Liberalism is the cloak of good intentions and tolerance, but underneath the veil is evil. These people are manic, bi-polar, and basically have tofu curd for brains. Despite how repugnant these people are to me, I would never recommend exacting violence against them (except in self defense). Here is more proof that the leftist mentality the world over as well as in the Palm Springs area of, CA is a hateful mentality. While they accuse the Tea Party of being racist – these DEMOCRATS are saying that Clarence Thomas should be HUNG!!! WHY??? Because he’s a republican that’s why! And I’ve been tellin’ y’all over and over again, along with my conservative compatriots that the KKK was founded by the Democrat party, and these people are carrying the same remedy for dealing with blacks that don’t follow what the democrats prescribe for us black folks. If we don’t follow the democrat narrative then we deserve to be strung up. The only other place we belong is in the fields. Don’t buy into those democrat robots that say times have changed. RAWNG!!! The only thing that has changed is the tactics. Democrats still see people based on ethnicity and still have this notion the people should behave according to the ethnic group they’re in. Wow! And the afro-centric Van Jones is comfortable around these people?!?!? Yet Van Jones is the type of person who would call me a boot lickin’ sell out! I’ve been to several Tea Parties, and that kind of bigoted sentiment ain’t there! Need I remind you that if this kind of language came from a republican gathering you know it would be all you’d be hearing about, but when the actual racists make the statement it blows away like a fart in Tornado Alley. Can y’all please spread this around and help point out who the real racist are???!!! BTW. Like I’ve said. I’ve lived in the Palm Springs are for a number of years. Lots of white people in that area. For those who insist that I’m a conservative because I’ve been brainwashed by all the white people I’ve been around through the years. In lieu of this video let me remind you that if that were the case I would be a liberal.

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