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Pollsters push people to accept Obamacare

Pollsters push people to accept Obamacare
October 7, 2009 by William Tate

Gallup has unintentionally revealed how they, and other polling organizations, have been pushing the public to accept Obamacare.

The revelation came in a report late last month which revealed that a significant majority of Americans believes that individuals themselves, and not the government, should be responsible for ensuring they have health insurance….

Even though the survey was released on September 30, not too many folks have seen these numbers. As they do with most anti-Obamacare news, the Democrats’ Big Media acolytes have avoided the report like it was carrying swine flu germs.

Gallup’s dismay at the results is palpable throughout their report on the new survey. They even gave the release a misleading title, “Many in U.S. See Health Insurance as Personal Responsibility,” rather than the more accurate, Majority in U.S. See Health Insurance as Personal Responsibility.

Voters Back Obama Over Republicans on Health Care, Poll Finds

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