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Morning Bell: Obamacare Puts Transparency and Accountability on Death Bed
September 25, 2009 by The Heritage Foundation

The New York Times released a new poll today finding that 55% of Americans believe President Obama has not clearly explained his plans for changing the health care system and 59% said they thought the health care changes under consideration in Congress were confusing. In a follow-up interview, Paul Corkery, a Democrat from Somerset, N.J, said: “The Obama administration seems to have a plan, but I’m not understanding the exact details.” Corkery shouldn’t feel that bad. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO), the independent nonpartisan agency responsible for reviewing legislative initiatives with budgetary implications, has no idea what is in the legislation either. During yesterday’s Senate Finance Committee mark-up, the CBO realized only after the vote, that they had made a $600 million mistake in scoring an amendment by Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI).

The issues that the CBO does not have enough information to analyze are not minor either. In letters released on September 22nd, CBO Director Doug Elmendorf told Chairman Max Baucus (D-MT) and Ranking Member Chuck Grassley (R-IA) respectively that his agency simply had not been provided with sufficient legislative language and time to analyze whether insurance premiums would go up under Obamacare or how many unauthorized billions of dollars in health benefits illegal immigrants would receive.

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Report says regulations hurt state’s economy
September 25, 2009 by Wyatt Buchanan

Regulations on small businesses in California have cost the state’s economy $492 billion and 3.8 million jobs, according to a report quietly released by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s office this week.

Republicans in the Legislature have pounced on the findings and on Thursday called the report the “smoking gun” that proves lawmakers are killing the state’s economy through burdensome government mandates. But Democrats and at least one capital think tank are highly skeptical of the accuracy of the findings.

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U.S., Allies Say Iran Has Secret Nuclear Facility
September 26, 2009 by Karen DeYoung and Michael D. Shear

President Obama’s charge that Iran is constructing a secret nuclear fuel facility brought years of confrontation over the country’s alleged nuclear weapons program to a new crisis point Friday, as he joined with the leaders of Britain and France to warn that international patience is waning fast.

“Iran is breaking rules that all nations must follow,” Obama said, condemning what he described as a “covert uranium enrichment facility” that Western intelligence discovered years ago and has since been covertly monitoring. He called for Iran to allow international inspectors to “immediately investigate” the facility, located beneath the mountains near the city of Qom.

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A sudden outbreak of domestic terror threats

A sudden outbreak of domestic terror threats
August 25, 2009 by Brett Michael Dykes

Still think Afghanistan is the only place the war against terrorists should be fought?

An extended period of relatively little news about domestic terrorist threats was shattered this week. A spate of arrests and reports of fearsome plots have Americans back on edge and struggling to make sense of the suspects and continuous headlines.

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Morning Bell: It Depends On What Your Definition Of “Tax” Is
September 22nd, 2009, the Heritage Foundation

Throughout his presidential campaign, then-candidate Barack Obama promised the American people: “If you’re a family that’s making $250,000 a year or less, you will see no increase in your taxes.” As President, Barack Obama reiterated that pledge, promising the American people in his September 9th health care press conference: “The middle-class will realize greater security, not higher taxes.” But as ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos pointed out to the President this weekend, Obama will break his promise to the American people if he signs a health care bill that includes an individual or employer mandate.

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‘Junk science’ expert sounds alarm on insurance study
September 17, 2009 by Amanda Carpenter

Steve Milloy’s “junk science” detector started running high when he got hold of a new study in the American Journal of Public Health claiming nearly 45,000 Americans die from a lack of health insurance.

According to the study, titled “Health Insurance and Mortality in U.S. Adults,” working-age Americans without insurance have a 40 percent higher risk of death than their privately insured counterparts. It also includes a chart showing how many people have died state by state, supposedly because of lack of insurance. For example, researchers say 4,675 Texas have died because they didn’t have insurance during their study period.

Mr. Milloy, founder and publisher of and co-founder and portfolio manger for the Free Enterprise Fund, said the study was created to boost President Obama’s health care agenda. Mr. Milloy reminded that Mr. Obama recently told Congress people would die if they didn’t have insurance.

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March 29, 1984

This guy’s attempt to defend himself seems to show he’s beating up on anyone who is terminally ill, which I guess is better than just beating up on the elderly.

Mr. Lamm provided excerpts from the 1984 speech, in which he spoke philosophically about the terminally ill of any age, about the extraordinary costs of high-technology medicine and about the ability of medical science to stave off death far beyond considerations of quality of life. After saying that society should be talking about the ethical implications, Mr. Lamm said, according to the excerpts: “We’ve got a duty to die and get out of the way with all of our machines and artificial hearts and everything else like that and let the other society, our kids, build a reasonable life.” In his letter last month, Mr. Lamm wrote that he never said “the elderly or the terminally ill have a duty to die,” and he added, “I was essentially raising a general statement about the human condition, not beating up on the elderly.”

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Obama: Legalize illegals to get them health care
September 18, 2009 by Stephen Dinan

“Even though I do not believe we can extend coverage to those who are here illegally, I also don’t simply believe we can simply ignore the fact that our immigration system is broken,” Mr. Obama said Wednesday evening in a speech to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute. “That’s why I strongly support making sure folks who are here legally have access to affordable, quality health insurance under this plan, just like everybody else.

Mr. Obama added, “If anything, this debate underscores the necessity of passing comprehensive immigration reform and resolving the issue of 12 million undocumented people living and working in this country once and for all.”

Republicans said that amounts to an amnesty, calling it a backdoor effort to make sure current illegal immigrants get health care.

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Colo. terror plot suspect due in federal court
September 21, 2009 by P. SOLOMON BANDA and STEVEN K. PAULSON

More terrorists not members of Al Qaeda.

DENVER – Three people, including an Afghanistan-born Colorado man who allegedly hand wrote bomb-making instructions, face court appearances Monday on charges of lying to authorities in an ongoing terror investigation.

Najibullah Zazi, 24, a Colorado airport shuttle driver who has admitted receiving weapons training from al-Qaida, played a direct role in the alleged terror plot, according to court documents released Sunday. Authorities have said they don’t know the timing or location of any planned attack.

Investigators said they found notes on bomb-making that appear to match Zazi’s handwriting and discovered his fingerprints on materials — batteries and a scale — that could be used to make explosives.

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Bin Laden’s Reading List for Americans
September 14, 2009 by Sharon Otterman AND Robert Mackey

While Oprah’s seal of approval on a book cover is sought after in America, Osama Bin Laden’s is, to put it mildly, not. On Monday, the authors of three books apparently recommended to American readers by the leader of Al Qaeda in his latest communique might be wondering how one goes about returning an unsolicited endorsement to a shadowy militant who has been in hiding for eight years.

2. “Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid,” in which former President Jimmy Carter gives his views about how best to end the Arab-Israeli conflict, and criticizes Israeli treatment of Palestinians in the territories. While the voice on the tape does not mention this book by name, it calls on Americans to “read what your former president, Carter, wrote regarding Israeli racism against our people in Palestine,” in a characterization of the book that goes beyond Mr. Carter’s own language.

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