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We put people on the moon – why are we dumberer now?

40 Years After Moon Landing: Why Aren’t People Smarter?
July 16, 2009 by Benjamin Radford

Could the problem be public education is more about social experiments, pandering to teachers unions and political correctness than it is about education?

Being smart involves being able to understand the relationships between events, finding and questioning hidden assumptions, and so on. The fact is, most students are not taught how to think analytically and critically.

Despite a long tradition of free, compulsory public education (and more college graduates than ever), as a whole we don’t seem to be getting much smarter.

Many of us still buy the newest fad items and get suckered into the latest conspiracy theory. We still fall for the same logical traps, the same wacky ideas, the same old discredited snake oil in shiny new bottles that plagued our forefathers—and their forefathers.

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