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Why Aren’t Pelosi’s ‘Macaca Moments’ In the Media?

Why Aren’t Pelosi’s ‘Macaca Moments’ In the Media?
August 12, 2009 by Christian Toto (hat tip to Center for Western Journalism)

Remember the offhand “macaca” comment made by former Virginia Sen. George Allen?

Blame the “former” tag partly on the wall-to-wall coverage of Allen’s verbal slip in outlets like The Washington Post, which seemed to run a “macaca” story in every edition during the run up to that senatorial election.

And did most Americans even know who South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford was before his imbecilic behavior brought him national attention?

So what unites these stories with so many others? They typically hurt the GOP and fit the media template regarding Republicans. These events are news worthy, no doubt. But stories which could damage Democrats are often either ignored by mainstream media outlets or given a cursory glance before giving way to fluffy stories about President Obama’s pectoral muscles.

Consider the following items that got little to no coverage in the mainstream press — in a just media word, each would spark countless news articles:

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