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NYT Shocker: ‘Obama’s Pledge to Tax Only the Rich Can’t Pay for Everything’
August 1, 2009 by Noel Sheppard

Unless you are hopelessly liberal and/or drinking WAY too much Kool-Aid, you are fully aware that President Obama and his Democrat minions on Capitol Hill can’t get enough money from the so-called rich to pay for all the programs they’re proposing.

On Saturday, such an inconvenient truth was actually revealed by none other than the New York Times:

“This idea that everything new that government provides ought to be paid for by the top 5 percent, that’s a basically unstable way of governing.”…”There is no way we can pay for health care and the rest of the Obama agenda, plus get our long-term deficits under control, simply by raising taxes on the wealthy…The middle class is going to have to contribute as well.”

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