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Again the intolerance and hate speech of liberals goes unnoticed by MSM

Busted! Kook Musician Who Played At Obama Fundraisers Crashes Tea Party With Kill Carnahan Sign
July 07, 2009 by Gateway Pundit

This local musician played at Obama fundraisers…

He also crashed the St. Louis Tea Party with a “hang Carnahan” sign.

Jim notes that one of the photos, the one cited by Circle of Concern as a reason for choosing to accept donations at tea party events, might have possibly been that of a plant, published by the über-left Fired Up, designed to smear the tea party and scaring any charity that dared to show up and accept donations from happy-to-give tea partiers. The man in this photo is Jesse Irwin, a musician that has played at fundraisers for President Obama. I was warned, anonymously, from multiple sources that this sort of thing was going to happen at the April 15th event:

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