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Teachers’ union to consider abortion issue
June 30, 2009 by Pete Chagnon

Conservative teachers within the NEA will call for the union to drop its support of abortion.

The National Education Association will convene for their national meeting in San Diego July 1-6. Jeralee Smith, one of the co-founders of the NEA Conservative Educators Caucus, says one of the items her group has placed on the agenda is abortion.

“The union contributes to candidates who will maintain the current Roe v. Wade decision and make sure that the abortion industry is alive and well,” she explains. “And this supposedly is done with the portion of union dues that…is optional. But a lot of times we found sneaky ways that the union supports things that we don’t believe in.”

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Are environmentalists scaring your kids?

Are environmentalists scaring your kids?
June 30, 2009 by Marcia Segelstein

There’s a video currently making the rounds among schools (and on the Internet) which purports to explain to children how America’s consumption of “stuff” is destroying the planet. Specially made to appeal to kids, with child-like animation, enough adults have bought into the message that it’s being shown in classrooms across the country.

Annie Leonard created “The Story of Stuff,” and narrates the 20-minute video.

In that short period of time, she manages to “teach” children quite a bit. I’ll try to sum up a few of the highlights.

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State-Run Media: Sotomayor’s Awful Supreme Court Record Is a “Distraction”
June 30, 2009 by Gateway Pundit

The Supreme Court’s rejection of a decision against white firefighters endorsed by Judge Sonia Sotomayor gives Republicans a renewed chance to attack her speeches and writings but is not expected to imperil her confirmation to the high court, political and legal sources said yesterday.

The decision that the New Haven, Conn., firefighters were unfairly denied promotions because of their race comes two weeks before Sotomayor’s Senate confirmation hearings and is an unwelcome distraction for the White House from what had seemed like a relatively smooth confirmation process. It is also somewhat of an embarrassment, forcing administration officials to explain why the court overturned a controversial decision backed by its prospective next member.

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Car bomb kills at least 24 people in Iraqi city
June 30, 2009 by PATRICK QUINN

BAGHDAD – A car bomb exploded in a crowded outdoor market in the northern city of Kirkuk on Tuesday, killing at least 24 people, police said, a deadly reminder of the challenges facing the Iraqi government even as it celebrated the withdrawal of U.S. combat troops from cities.

The bombing marred what had otherwise been a festive day as Iraqis marked what the government decreed National Sovereignty Day.

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Moving the Stimulus Goalposts
June 29, 2009 by Rick Klein

Wasn’t this stimulus bill supposed to have an almost immediate effect on the economy?

With public confidence in the stimulus package showing signs of ebbing, the Obama administration is continuing to sell its impact with nation-wide events and press appearances.

Today brings this explanation, from Christina Romer, the chairman of the president’s Council on Economic Advisers: Stimulus spending, Romer told the Financial Times, is “going to ramp up strongly through the summer and the fall.”

“We always knew we were not going to get all that much fiscal impact during the first five to six months. The big impact starts to hit from about now onwards,” Romer said.

We’ve known for some time that the money takes a while to get out the door.

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Pelosi Won’t Give Public a Week to Review Text of Health-Care Bill Before House Votes on It

Pelosi Won’t Give Public a Week to Review Text of Health-Care Bill Before House Votes on It
June 29, 2009 by Marie Magleby and Monica Gabriel

(CNSNews.com) – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D.-Calif.) will not give the public a week to review the final text of a health-care reform bill before it is voted on later this year.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D.-Nev.) has also declined to commit to giving the public a week to read and consider the final health-care bill.

At her press briefing on Thursday, Pelosi was asked whether the health-care bill would be handled differently than the stimulus bill, which came up in February. The 1,071-page final text of that bill was posted on the House Appropriations Committee’s Web site late on a Thursday night and then voted on the next day.

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Iran declares election fight over, vote valid

Iranian authorities have barred journalists for international news organizations from reporting on the streets and ordered them to stay in their offices. This report is based on the accounts of witnesses reached in Iran and official statements carried on Iranian media.


A body of 12 clerics declared Iran’s disputed presidential vote valid and free of major fraud, paving the way for President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to be sworn in next month despite claims of vote manipulation that sparked weeks of massive protest.

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4 US soldiers killed during Iraq cities pullout
June 30, 2009 by PATRICK QUINN

BAGHDAD – Four U.S. soldiers were killed in combat shortly before the American military completed a withdrawal from Iraq’s cities, and the prime minister assured Iraqis that government forces taking control of urban areas on Tuesday were more than capable of protecting the country.

Nouri al-Maliki said in a nationally televised address that “those who think that Iraqis are not able to protect their country and that the withdrawal of foreign forces will create a security vacuum are committing a big mistake.”

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CBO Ignores Economic Impact of Democrats’ Climate Bill
June 29, 2009 by Matt Cover

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) did not calculate the economic costs of House Democrats’ massive cap and trade legislation, only accounting for how the government plans to collect and redistribute revenues from selling carbon emissions permits.

The analysis, which was released June 19, shows that if Democrats’ carbon reduction schemes turn out exactly as planned, government will be able to largely mitigate the per-household financial impact of a cap and trade system by redistributing the revenues collected from businesses across the population, resulting in a net per-household cost of about $165 per year.

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Madoff Sentenced to 150 Years
June 30, 2009 by Tomoeh Murakami Tse

Calling Ponzi Scheme ‘Evil,’ Judge Orders Maximum Term

AP Source: 10 others to be charged in Madoff probe
June 30, 2009 by LARRY NEUMEISTER and TOM HAYS

NEW YORK – Federal authorities are pressing a probe of 10 associates of Bernard Madoff despite a sentence that means the mastermind of one of the biggest financial frauds in history will spend the rest of his days behind bars, The Associated Press has learned.

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