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US News’s Erbe Bashes ‘Dishonest’ Lila Rose, Tells Pro-Lifers to ‘Go Away’

US News’s Erbe Bashes ‘Dishonest’ Lila Rose, Tells Pro-Lifers to ‘Go Away’
April 27, 2009 by Matthew Balan

US News’s on-staff radical feminist Bonnie Erbe returned to attacking pro-lifers, her favorite subject of ire, in a blog entry on Monday. This time, she singled out “20-something abortion foe” Lila Rose, a junior at UCLA, for her “dishonest” and “pointless” undercover videos which she has taped at several Planned Parenthood locations. She seems to be most upset by how Rose has “created a public relations nightmare” for the abortion-mongering group, and called for the young woman’s prosecution for “trespassing, fraud, and whatever other law she violated” for impersonating a 13-year-old statutory rape victim. The blogger later told pro-lifers to just “go away,” since they will “will never succeed in banning abortion.”

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