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Taliban Expands Operations Into Pakistan & East Africa
April 28, 2009 by Gateway Pundit

Pakistani officials launched a military operation in Buner Province today after the Taliban staged a withdrawal after invading the region last week.

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Serious gender confusion

LA Times male sports reporter “becomes” a woman. Year and a half later changes mind, “becomes” a man again!
March 19, 2009 by Mass Resistance

In April, 2007, LA Times sports reporter Mike Penner came to work and announced that he was going to start coming to work dressed as a woman, and use the name Christine Daniels. And that’s what he did. For eighteen months “she” was a darling of the transgender world. “She” gave speeches to homosexual groups, was profiled in Sports Illustrated, and was honored for having such “courage” to come out as a woman. And “Christine Daniels” continued to cover and write about sports for the LA times.

All we can say is, it’s a good thing he didn’t quite get around to actually having sex-change surgery!

That’s because in October 2008 he decided he wanted to go back to being a man! So now he’s back writing sports as Mike Penner. And in an interestingly Orwellian bit of historical revisionism, the LA Times has removed all blog entries and bylines of Christine Daniels, as if “she” never existed.

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Obama nominates pornography advocate as high Dept. of Justice official
February 8, 2009 by Mass Resistance

Wrote amicus briefs supporting obscenity, child porn

Barack Obama has nominated David Ogden, a major pornography advocate to be the No. 2 officer in the US Justice Department (DOJ), who will oversee cases involving pornography for years to come.

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Gay activists terrorize Boston church

Gay activists terrorize Boston church
April 30, 2000 by Black and Right

Park Street Church, Boston, MA — April 28, 2009. During ex-gay religious event, prominent homosexual activists, including Wayne Besen, Chris Mason, Tom Lang, Pat Gozemba, and others participated in “demonstration” of screaming, sirens, and bull-horn. For more on this see http://www.MassResistance.org.

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Taliban Executes Alleged Adulterous Couple On Cam
April 27, 2009 by Bob Parks

In the video, the woman is heard appealing to the Taliban for mercy. “Have mercy on me, please have mercy. The charges against me are false and no man has ever touched me,” she is heard saying.

The Taliban militants first pumped several bullets into the woman’s chest and then fired a burst from assault rifles at her and the man.

As the woman was apparently still alive after being shot, some Taliban are heard shouting: “She is alive, kill her.”

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Newsweek’s bogus Koran story

Newsweek Apologizes
May 16, 2005 by Howard Kurtz

Inaccurate Report on Koran Led to Riots

Newsweek apologized yesterday for an inaccurate report on the treatment of detainees that triggered several days of rioting in Afghanistan and other countries in which at least 15 people died.

Newsweek retracts Quran story
May 16, 2005 by Dana Bash, Ed Henry and Barbara Starr and Nick Meo

(CNN) — Newsweek magazine issued a retraction Monday of a May 9 report on the alleged desecration of the Quran at the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

The report — which said American interrogators put copies of the Quran on toilets or in one case, flushed one down a toilet — was blamed for anti-American riots in Afghanistan and elsewhere in the Muslim world last week.

False Newsweek Koran Story Sparks More Anti-American Protests in Muslim Countries; AIM Urges Major M
May 27, 2005

WASHINGTON — Accuracy in Media (AIM) today blasted the major media’s warped coverage of a Pentagon report finding “no credible evidence” that U.S. personnel ever “flushed” a Koran down a toilet.

How a Fire Broke Out
May 23, 2005 by Evan Thomas

The story of a sensitive NEWSWEEK report about alleged abuses at Guantánamo Bay and a surge of deadly unrest in the Islamic world.

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ABC Debunked Matthew Shepard Murder as No Hate Crime, MSNBC Savages Republican for Repeating
April 30, 2009 by Brad Wilmouth

On Wednesday’s Countdown show, MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann viciously slammed Republican Congresswoman Virginia Foxx for claiming that murder victim Matthew Shepard – whom the current hate crimes bill is named after – was targeted out of a desire to commit robbery rather than because of anti-gay sentiment by his attacker, as has been the conventional wisdom. The MSNBC host was so outraged at the North Carolina congresswoman that he named her as the night’s “Worst Person in the World” and showed particular venom toward her, even suggesting she should resign. Olbermann: “She is at best callous, insensitive, criminally misinformed. At worst she is a bald-faced liar. And if there is a spark of a human being in there somewhere, she should either immediately retract and apologize for her stupid and hurtful words or she should resign her seat in the House.”

On the 11:00 p.m. special edition of Hardball, Chris Matthews and guests Joan Walsh of Salon and MSNBC political analyst Michelle Bernard also lambasted Foxx for her claim, with Walsh calling her “ignorant,” and Matthews calling Foxx’s words “rough stuff.”

But, on the November 26, 2004, 20/20, ABC host Elizabeth Vargas ran a report in which a number of figures tied to the case, including the prosecutor, were interviewed, and made a credible case that Shepard was targeted by Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson not because of anti-gay sentiment, but because McKinney was high on methamphetamines, giving him unusual violent tendencies as well as a desire for cash to buy more drugs. Vargas not only found that a meth high can lead to the kind of extreme violence perpetrated against Shepard, but that McKinney had gone on to similarly attack another man, causing a skull fracture, very soon after his attack on Shepard. Additionally, McKinney’s girlfriend and another friend of McKinney’s even claimed that McKinney himself has bisexual tendencies, although McKinney himself denied it.

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Most Americans oppose interrogation probe -poll
April 28, 2009 by Steve Holland

WASHINGTON, April 28 (Reuters) – Most Americans oppose a U.S. congressional investigation into harsh interrogation methods used on terrorism suspects during the Bush administration, a poll said on Tuesday.

A CBS News/New York Times poll found that 62 percent of Americans do not think Congress should hold hearings to investigate the treatment of detainees, about the same proportion as in a similar poll in February.
The Senate Intelligence Committee is conducting a closed-door probe of interrogation policies used under former President George W. Bush. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Nevada Democrat, has said that the committee should be allowed to do its work.

But Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a California Democrat, have advocated a congressionally created bipartisan commission to investigate the matter.

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Blanked Again… Dems Get No GOP Votes On Another Record Spending Bill
April 29, 2009, by Gateway Pundit

Once again, NOT ONE SINGLE REPUBLICAN in the US House of Representatives voted for the latest record spending bill, the 3.4 trillion dollars budget for 2010, that passed today:

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