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Duke’s Poisoned Campus Culture

Duke’s Poisoned Campus Culture
politics, education, intolerance, bigotry, left wing, liberalism, bias, scandal

May 1, 2006, by KC Johnson

In response to the scandal surrounding the men’s lacrosse team, Duke president Richard Brodhead has initiated a “conversation on campus culture.” The first installment provided little insight. To Mark Anthony Neal, a professor of African and African-American Studies, recent events showed that “we need an innovative and brave curriculum that will allow our students to engage one another in a progressive manner.” It’s worth remembering that only two years ago at Neal’s institution, a department chairman jokingly explained the faculty’s ideological imbalance by noting, “If, as John Stuart Mill said, stupid people are generally conservative, then there are lots of conservatives we will never hire.” It seems rather unlikely that Duke’s curriculum lacks a sufficiently “progressive” nature.


Filed under: bias, bigotry, education, intolerance, left wing, liberalism, politics, scandal

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