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Maureen Dowd dines at expensive club for research

NY Times’ Queen Of Liberal Mean “Exposes” A Luxury Spa
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January 21, 2009, by Don Feder

Columnist Maureen Dowd is The New York Times’ Queen of Liberal Mean. (Frank Rich is her royal consort.)

Dowd is forever whining about how Republican fiscal policies devastate the poor — and, as president, George W. Bush was Marie Antoinette telling welfare mothers to eat petit fours.

But within days of The Times ordering its newsroom staff to hold the line on expenses (individual lunches not to exceed $50 and no seeking reimbursement for “entertaining” co-workers), Dowd did a travel column on several days spent at a swank Miami Beach resort getting massages and detoxifying body-wraps, while quaffing expensive vintages.


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