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The Creationist and the Sociobiologist: Two Stories About Illiberal Education
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1992, by Phillip E. Johnson

There is a mad reductionism at work [in the universities]. God is not a proper topic for discussion, but “lesbian politics” is…. In the famous “marketplace of ideas,” where all ideas are equal and where there must be no “value judgments” and therefore no values, certain ideas are simply excluded, and woe to those who espouse them.1

In a liberal culture, it is a great rhetorical advantage to appear in a dispute as the champion of free speech against the forces of repression. The left has held this advantage for a long time. The student revolt of the 1960s opened with a “Free Speech Movement,” and the bumper sticker that directs us to “Question Authority” implies that the left’s politics is a matter of raising questions rather than imposing answers. Recently, however, academic traditionalists like Dinesh D’Souza have seized the moral high ground by describing a left-imposed atmosphere of “political correctness” in the universities that leads to “illiberal education.” In effect, they have captured the bumper sticker and turned its message around.

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