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Power doesn’t corrupt, at least not for Democrats

I’m shocked to see this news report is actually supposed to be taken seriously. But, hey, it’s a leftwing reporter doing a news story on her politician of choice.

Power Doesn’t Corrupt, Study Suggests
December 5, 2008 by Jeanna Bryner

Strike one against the idea that “Washington insiders” are corrupted by power and can no longer think independently.

Rather, new research based on experiments with college students who were primed to feel powerful suggests that, at least in some cases, power tends to shield people from outside opinions, leaving them to rely more on their own insights.

While the study is not a knock-out blow to the long-held assumption that power corrupts, it does indicate the reality is more nuanced. It also suggests President-elect Barack Obama may be shielded from the influence of advisors once he is sworn in this January, said researcher Joe Magee of New York University.

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