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Teacher Support for the Duke Players

Teacher Support for the Duke Players
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January 06, 2007 By PAUL CUADROS

Now the teachers are going at each other. Shortly after members of the Duke University Lacrosse team were accused of rape last March, 88 faculty members signed an open letter that appeared in the student newspaper sympathizing with the accuser. Now, after the case against the students appears to be falling apart, 17 members of the economics department faculty have sent a letter to the student newspaper expressing their support for the players, and stating in part, “We regret that the Duke faculty is now seen as prejudiced against certain of its own students.”

The latest open letter comes after a lacrosse team member filed a lawsuit against the university alleging that the school and his political science professor intentionally failed him after rape case was made public. The student, Kyle Dowd, was not charged in the case but had to take time out from class for meetings with his attorney. His teacher, Kim Curtis, a visiting associate professor who specializes in political and feminist theory, was one of the faculty members who signed the Group of 88 letter.


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