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Questioning Republicans’ Patriotism
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September 28, 2008

It happens quite often, actually. Most recently, Nancy Pelosi called House Republicans–the ones who were representing American taxpayers in negotiating the Democrats’ bailout bill–“unpatriotic.” This is because the Republican negotiators failed to attend a meeting of which they were not notified, and to which they were not invited.

I think the Democrats are deliberately pushing the envelope as far as they can. They’ve learned that they can get away with anything, so they’re trying to redefine “anything.”

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Financial Relief Bill Fails In House Amid Partisan Rancor
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September 29, 2008

Despite appeals to patriotism and practicality, the House of Representatives failed to muster the support needed to pass a financial rescue package aimed at restoring stability to the financial system and easing a pending credit crunch.

The failure of the bill sparked a volley of partisan attacks, as each party accused the other of a lack of leadership. Meanwhile, financial markets were sent reeling by the news, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average falling more than 770 points on Wall Street.

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Patriotism is Paying More in Taxes
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September 19, 2008, by Natalie Schultz

That was Joe Biden’s response to this economic crisis. “Rich” people have to pay more in taxes because that is true patriotism. He then defended his view by telling America that the Vatican tells us it is the right thing to do. I could write a diatribe on his misinterpretation of Catholic Doctrine alone, but at this point in time his lack of Constitutional acumen is a moot point.

Any other day a politician saying “Paying more in taxes is Patriotic” would sound absurd. Today, the Socialists of the World are in control – of EVERYTHING!

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Did Death Occur on Earth Prior to Man’s Sin?

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1982, by Bert Thompson, Ph.D.

Through the years, various theories have been set forth which suggest that prior to the sin of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, death and decay nevertheless had been widespread on the Earth amidst a “previous creation” that included pre-Adamic people. In his book, Earth’s Earliest Ages, George H. Pember suggested that the fossil record was clear and compelling evidence of death, disease, ferocity, and even sin—all of which had occurred before Adam and Eve existed.

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Wood petrified in spring
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June 2006, by Tas Walker

Secular research at a hot spring in Japan shows that wood can turn into stone much faster than geologists previously thought.1

The belief that fossils and rocks petrify over millions of years is a part of modern culture-like microwave ovens and jumbo jets. We are constantly fed the idea through newspapers, magazines, museums and text books. Like sticks of chalk in coloured water, people have absorbed the notion that fossils are millions of years old.

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Rapid Petrification of Wood

Rapid Petrification of Wood: An Unexpected Confirmation of Creationist Research
by Andrew A. Snelling, Ph.D.

It is extremely unusual for creationist research to be favorably reported and referenced in a technical scientific paper by academic geologists published in a major, secular, geological journal. However, not only has this just happened, but the same paper reported experimental research that confirms the conclusions of the creationist research published in a young-earth creationist journal!

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Proof of Rapid Petrification

Proof of Rapid Petrification

Students are often taught that it takes millions of years for things to petrify. This is simply not true. We have 3 pieces of petrified firewood in our museum in Pensacola Florida. Below are some pictures of items that have petrified very quickly. All that is required for petrification is for the object to be buried quickly so the minerals can replace the tissue slowly as it decays.

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ON DEADLINE: “Good Bill” vs “Bad Bill”
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November 28, 2007, by Ron Fournier

As only he can do, Bill Clinton packed campaign venues across eastern Iowa and awed Democratic voters with a compelling case for his wife’s candidacy. He was unscripted, in-depth and generous.

He also was long-winded, misleading and self-absorbed.

“Good Bill” and “Bad Bill” (his nickname among some aides) returned to the public arena Tuesday as Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton brandished her double-edged sword of a husband to fend off rivals in the Jan. 3 caucus fight.

Clinton: Pathology or Sabotage?

November 28, 2007, by Rush Limbaugh

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Not a Knockout McCain won the debate, but that’s not enough.
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September 27, 2008, by Fred Barnes

That’s unfair, but politics is often unfair. McCain was far more forceful and aggressive than expected. And he had Obama on the defensive for roughly an hour of the 90-minute debate. But that doesn’t matter much since Obama was never rattled and made no obvious blunders.

I concluded that mere winning doesn’t count for much in presidential debates, while sound bites do, after participating as a questioner in 1984 in the first debate between President Reagan and Walter Mondale. It was the best night of Mondale’s entire political career and Reagan often stammered and occasionally looked flustered.

Newsweek: ‘McCain Won. But Will It Matter?’

September 27, 2008, by P.J. Gladnick

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Video: Obama shamelessly contradicts himself about troops dying in vain
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September 27, 2008 by Allahpundit

Thanks to commenter (and ex-blogger) Seixon for catching this. Not a huge deal, but a nice reminder of what a cynical poseur The One is. Here he is last night during the bracelet exchange, sonorously declaring that no soldier dies in vain who follows the orders of his commander-in-chief:

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